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25 Feb
This camel leather jacket is so buttery & soft, you’d never guess it was American Eagle!
Good friends take outfit photos for their blogger friends

Sometimes, street style on blogs tend towards the outlandish. Sometimes I wear things in my outfit posts that I wouldn’t necessarily wear on your typical afternoon in Austin. But this outfit is totally me, it’s exactly what I wear, day in and day out. The leather collar of this jacket has a worn in patina, these shoes are a couple years old and very well-loved (I recently switched out the laces to these red ones!) these jeans? I wear them… ALL the time. And I live in a number of variations of this white t-shirt. It’s not the most exciting outfit you ever saw, but it’s what I wear on a daily basis.
Do you take outfit photos? Are they your day-to-day outfits, or do you step it up for the photos?
I’m not alone in this am I?
And a special thanks to my friends Chris and Nikki who came along to take these pictures for me! Everyone check out Nikki’s blog ChanelWears, she rocks a lot of color and her hair is amazing.
xoxo Cristina



22 Feb

Yup. This happiness. Pure joy. There was snow in Central Park and these swings were totally calling our name. We waited our turn to get a couple next to each other, and then we were 5 years old. Em swung so high I was sure she was gonna swing right round the pole. Honestly is there anything better? Em’s gone back to London now and I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see her again, but as she put it it was ‘the happiest she’s been in the last 10 years.’ Big call, I know. Our friend Katie who we stayed with conceded that it was in her top 5 ‘sections’ of all time. I’ll take that.


Yunno what else is pure joy? Winning a giveaway! And it’s time now for the winners winners chicken dinners!



Congratulations girls!
I’ll be contacting you shortly for your deets.
Thank you to everyone who entered, and muchos thank yous to MadeByGirl and HTC OneX+ for the opportunity to reward my lovely readers!
Hope you all have a stellar weekend 🙂
xoxo Cristina


Friday + NYC

15 Feb


Well and truly crushing on this town. So what’s there to do in this place on a Friday night?
Only time will tell.
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Peace love and giveaways
xo Cristina




14 Feb

Happy  v-day m’loves. Today I’m inspired by hot pink candlesticks, Morroccan tea glasses, and a palette of pinks, grays and blacks. I totally enjoyed pulling this moodboard together so there’s a chance you’ll be seeing more of these to come.

I’m in New York right now so I have a date with the city tonight, I hope you all have a lovely lovers day!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Cristina



13 Feb
 Whoa whoa whoa. Two giveaways in one week? What the what is going on?
You may have noticed that I reached 400 hundred followers on Facebook this week! Oh you didn’t notice? It’s ok I screenshot it. I’ll show it to my grandkids when I’m old and desperate to prove that I was once cool. Or at least 400 people thought I was. 
We’re celebrating with another BIG giveaway!
If your screen is eternally cracked, you lost your phone at a concert, or you accidentally washed your phone in your jeans pocket, then this giveaway is for you. The HTC One X+ has sweet Beats audio and a one-press continuous shooting camera, ideal for instagramming and in turn, making you look cool too.
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The Fine Print
This giveaway will be open for one week (until February 20). 
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The winner will receive an HTC One X+ phone optimized for AT&T.
Service is not included.
Thank you HTC for this s’wonderful opportunity, and thank you to my lovely readers for all of your sweet words and support of my little blog.
xo xo xo Cristina



12 Feb

Most, nay all, of my decor decisions are very very well-considered. ‘Well-considered’ is what I like to call the drawn out decision-making process also known as indecision. I can agonize over paint chips, let items sit in my online shopping cart for weeks, and imagine then re-imagine a room for months. This may sound painful to some, but I find inexplicable joy in every second of it.

But then, sometimes, you just know. There is no considering, there are no second thoughts, sometimes a purchase seems so right it smacks you in the head with “why don’t I already own this??”And that’s how I felt with the couch. Actually I can very easily tell you why I didn’t already own it, and that’s quite simply because Ikea doesn’t sell a blue velvet couch.* And so far my sofa curriculum vitae includes Goodwill and two well-loved Ikea sofas.

But on a certain Black Friday 2 weeks after a certain birthday, I was feeling like a grown up and decided it was time to finally give in to a deep blue love that was born in the pages of Domino and continues to this day. Which is nearly a decade. So on that Black Friday I bought a couch, months before my move-in date, long before I had even found the place I would be moving into. Reckless? Maybe. But with the help of copious discounts on top of Black Friday sales, he was worth it.

sofa, West Elm

His name is Henri. He may not look like much yet but we’re very much in love. So Henri, meet Fuji Files. Fuji Files, this is Henri. I hope that we can all be friends.

xoxo Cristina

*I feel compelled to add that on my most recent trip to Ikea they were in fact selling a couch that was blue velvet of sorts. In other news they are also selling a wingback chair now!



11 Feb


So things are shaping up around here! On my first night I laid my head down to sleep, and things didn’t feel quite right. So I got up and moved my bed to another wall. Laying there, things still felt a little off kilter… Three moves later I finally found a spot that was juuuust right. In an effort to save space I ditched a nightstand (you saw the pair here) and pushed my bed up against the wall. Here are a few flicks of my nightstand as it looks now.

Here’s a quick run down of what I keep on my bedside table:

  • table – a diy project using Ikea’s Rast drawers
  • antique lamp – Howl Interiors, a furniture design studio I worked at
  • orchids – my favorite flower, notoriously difficult to maintain
  • book – my favorite book of the moment, Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende
  • journal – my Q&A a Day journal, it asks you one question a day and lasts five years, so you can compare your answer for that question on that day over five years. What a great gift, thanks M
  • perfume – if I had a signature scent, this would be it: Soleil Liquide Memoire
  • glass of water – I always keep one by my bed when I sleep. Zara Home glass and Anthropologie coaster
  • skull print – gifted by MadeByGirl, it gives my space the edge it needed

You read right, GIVEAWAY time!
And now the most exciting part: MadeByGirl is giving away an item of YOUR choice to one super lucky Fuji Files reader!
This giveaway is now closed.
You could of course choose this gold skull, but there are so many good pieces to choose from. This giveaway will be open for one week (closing Monday February 18).
Good luck!
This giveaway is open to everyone, including international readers!
xoxo Cristina