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8 Dec
shoemint edith steve madden viktoree
Shoemint’s Edith & Steve Madden’s Viktoree
Ok, what’s going on here?

Following my post on the Shoemint Edith pump I found them to be, sadly, sold out! I’ve added myself to the waitlist but in my state of shopper’s regret came across these “Viktoree” pumps by Steve Madden! From my understanding Shoemint shoes are designed by Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez and manufactured by Steve Madden, the Shoemint website even says these shoes are named after Rachel’s grandma?… so I’m not quite sure why the same exact Shoemint shoes are for sale on for $50 extra? On the one hand I’m thrilled that I’m still able to get the sold out Edith (albeit they’re much more expensive) but on the other hand I’m confused as to who is designing what, and is there a difference in quality between the two? But mostly I’m just happy that the Edith is still available for $50 more dollars, in case you’re feeling really desperate.

For now I’m going to hold out on the waitlist because in my experience Jewelmint has shown that old favorites come back in stock (and on sale!) quite often. Also the 20% off of my first Shoemint purchase will make the Edith $64, making it a $66 difference between the two brands. Definitely worth the wait I think!

xo Cristina