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31 Aug

j.crew fall lookbook 2011

I know, it’s nearly impossible to follow the extraordinary color palette of this J.Crew lookbook, but there might be days when you don’t feel like putting on pink capris and an orange turtle neck, or a lemon pencil skirt. And for those days? We turn to Madewell.

madewell fall lookbook 2011 I realize it is over 100 degrees… 113 in my car to be exact! But I can’t help but yearn for layers when looking at these lookbooks. So far I’ve knitted a scarf and a snood and the end of summer is nowhere in sight (although temperatures did dip to 95 today).
 C’monnn fall! I’m so ready for red Doc Martens and striped sweaters. Or to dress things up, candy-colored trousers and striped sweaters.

Apparently I’m into striped sweaters at the mo. See how I mixed one with vintage florals over on  coco+kelley!

p.s. What do we think of Blogger’s new look? I think I like it..

source: madewell, jcrew

RUNWAY:: Fine China + McQueen

10 Mar
It’s no secret Sarah Burton has some pretty major shoes (lobster shoes) to fill at Alexander McQueen. But she’s certainly won my heart with the following two dresses.
The bodices were constructed with broken bits of China.
I imagine this dress would be excruciatingly heavy to wear.
I bet Jane from Sea of Shoes could rock some porcelain shoes pretty hard.
And I’m already wondering how John Jannuzzi of Textbook will use these dresses!
(If you’ve never read Textbook, go. now. It’s my favorite).
DIY anyone?


2 Mar
Still loving..

Gucci’s feast for the eyes.
And there’s nothing like a bit of colorful eye candy to get you through your Wednesday.

NYFW:: Wang Baby

17 Feb
Allow me to introduce you to Alexander Wang’s niece, Aila.
She’s flexed more style muscle in her meer 6 months than I have in all my 24 years.  
Charming, yet depressing.
I believe we could all learn a thing or two from Aila. Striped shift dress, black tights, moccasins, shaggy fur coat, and Chanel bag. Can’t you see Nicole Richie sporting this? Except not so.. mini.


15 Feb
Every season I fall deeper & deeper & deeper in love with Pamela Love.
Time to start sliding our bracelets up our arms girls because arm cuffs are in this season.
And it looks like the pastel hair colors are still in this season so if you haven’t tried purple streaks yet, do!

NYFW:: Wang + Tweet

15 Feb

Wang wrecks shop.
Meanwhile the internets are rife with fashion week tweets, and after a few informative conversations with friends (so what does # mean???) I’ve officially started a Twitter! 

NYFW:: Jill Stuart + Sunday

13 Feb
On this cloudy cloudy Sunday, I’m pouring over the NY collections while Project Runway plays in the background – That’s a lot of runway! 
So here’s just a taste of what’s keeping me company, some owl & fox dresses and some cloud-shaped prints. Thanks Jill Stuart for some whimsy on my Sunday!