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27 Mar

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With the $440 that you’ll save on this find, you can purchase the rest of your summer wardrobe.
Or a return flight somewhere warm and sandy.
Or this T-shirt.

xoxo Cristina




Glittery Bags are NOT just for Christmas

22 Dec
Lancaster Purse Disco handbag GREEN Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.12.58 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.17.08 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.10.42 PMLancaster Purse Disco handbag

You guessed it. I want this for Christmas. But can I wear a glittery green bag year round? Can I wear a glittery green bag to the grocery store? Undecided. As I’ve said before, when making purchase decisions I do my research. How do other girls wear it? How does it look in real life (as opposed to the product photographs on the web shop). Below you’ll find Betty, of the impossibly cool blog leblogdebetty. You’ll see that the bag is actually a lot smaller than you (well I) expected. I think that makes the quantity of bling palatable for day. Don’t you? It’s settled then. Green glittery bag functions night and day Christmas and non-Christmas. Now onto price, and can us non-Parisians even acquire the Lancaster Paris bag??? YES! Thanks to Nasty Gal, who I’m pretty sure read my mind because they now have the “disco” bag in both blue and green in their New Arrivals. They’re $178 with free shipping… I’ll have to mull over that number a bit. And ponder possible outfit combinations. But consider this a Christmas wish.

Leblogdebetty Lancaster Disco Purse Street Style6326102220_f71cbb4139_o

What do you think? Is it too much glitter for a daily purse?
(Is there even such thing as too much glitter?)
xoxo Cristina



20 Dec

Are you all enjoying Christmas week?? I can’t believe it’s just 5 days away. Non-stop Christmas songs, way too many desserts and lots of online gift shopping complete with express delivery? Yeah. Me too. Here’s my last-minute gift guide if you’re still shopping, or if you’re wondering what to get me 😉
My top pick for gifting is the monogrammed mugs! I’ve been eyeing them forever and finally got myself one (and my boyfriend!). They’re functional, personal, adorable, and $6! The perfect gift.

FUJI FILES gift guide

1. Sleeping Mask (a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s) $15

4. Starburst Earrings (love the asymmetry) $72
10. Wallet $145
11. Sneakers $52
xo Cristina



8 Dec
shoemint edith steve madden viktoree
Shoemint’s Edith & Steve Madden’s Viktoree
Ok, what’s going on here?

Following my post on the Shoemint Edith pump I found them to be, sadly, sold out! I’ve added myself to the waitlist but in my state of shopper’s regret came across these “Viktoree” pumps by Steve Madden! From my understanding Shoemint shoes are designed by Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez and manufactured by Steve Madden, the Shoemint website even says these shoes are named after Rachel’s grandma?… so I’m not quite sure why the same exact Shoemint shoes are for sale on for $50 extra? On the one hand I’m thrilled that I’m still able to get the sold out Edith (albeit they’re much more expensive) but on the other hand I’m confused as to who is designing what, and is there a difference in quality between the two? But mostly I’m just happy that the Edith is still available for $50 more dollars, in case you’re feeling really desperate.

For now I’m going to hold out on the waitlist because in my experience Jewelmint has shown that old favorites come back in stock (and on sale!) quite often. Also the 20% off of my first Shoemint purchase will make the Edith $64, making it a $66 difference between the two brands. Definitely worth the wait I think!

xo Cristina



5 Dec

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
edge of urge feather bar feather earrings 1

So the whole feather extension thing sort of passed me right by, and I had accepted that. But when I borrowed my friend M’s feather earring last weekend I caught the feather fever… bad. I’ve been searching Etsy high and low for the just the right one and have had no luck so far, until NOW. Introducing Edge of Urge’s FEATHER BAR! 

Yeah, Feather Bar. I just had to repeat it because it’s just that good. You could pick up one of their handmade ready-made pieces (all those cute ones above!).
 I personally am really digging the single earring look, so my advice would be to buy a pair of earrings and then gift one to your best bud for Christmas!

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
SO much choice right? That’s not even all of it, there’s so much more on their website! It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and there’s too much on the menu (and it takes you 5 hours to order). Here is my potential earring, but I’m afraid to order just in case it’s not perfect.

my edge of urge feather earring bar
They’re a bit pricey but the really GREAT NEWS is that right now you can get  
50% off from Reserve29.

I know right? Go.

xo C


SHOPPING LIST:: Alexa Chung + 3 strap flats

7 Apr

1. Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony 2. Jeffrey Campbell 3. Linda Farrow 4. Essie 5. Low Luv 6. Eddie Borgo 7. Givenchy
I’ve fallen…….. hard.
Today I fell for a pair of shoes that does not meet any of my usual criteria – they’re not black, towering, ankle height, or boots! In fact they’re none of the above. But somehow I discovered a gaping hole in my closet that can only be filled by red, 3-strap, flats. And then Alexa Chung went and sealed the deal (hers are Vivienne Westwood). Turns out all of my summer looks are not complete without a pair of red buckled flats.
So far I’ve only found one viable option, the Backpack flats by Jeffrey Campbell but they’re a little more than I wanted to pay. Tracy Reese has a great version too but they only come in black, not really what I wanted but they are on sale. So should I go with the black for half the price? They did look fantastic on Alexa. 
Which do you prefer – red or black?
My boyfriend doesn’t like them, but that is to be expected. They are pretty man repellant. Although my best friend doesn’t like them either, so is it just me?

source: google images, netaporter, barneys, asos


18 Oct

Two things:

          a) If I were to sketch my ideal handbag, this would be it, in its entirety

          b) My birthday is coming up