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27 May


Austin has been warm and stormy all of this long weekend. It has made for extreme humidity and the occasional sunny shower, which feels very much like the tropical climate of South East Asian islands – precisely where I’d like to be right now. 
Today I’ll be celebrating lovely Camille’s birthday poolside, and possibly dipping my toes into a body of water for the first time all year (so this instagram was clearly a farce). How did you all spend your Memorial Day weekend? 
p.s. I know I say this every year, but maybe this really is the year I try out high waisted swimsuit bottoms…
xo Cristina



25 May


Three. Day. Weekend. Is there anything better than those three little words? I don’t think so. For this loong Memorial Day weekend I put together a chic look you can wear to the pool, to the beach, to the lake, to the park, or anywhere you desire – and then I found it for less!!

In a fun twist of fate, the look for less costs exactly 10% of the original look. 
$810 vs. $81
I didn’t even do that on purpose.
The Look:
TOTAL: $810
For Less:
TOTAL: $81
With the $729 that you save on this outfit, you can even afford that Chloe scalloped bikini (and pay the rent!) that I’ve decided is the absolute most perfect bikini I’ve seen in all my years. It’s been about 3 summers and I still want it. It must be love, right? If you still don’t want to shell out for the original, you can DIY your own scalloped bikini for $9. See here.

Happy Three Day Weekend!
xo Cristina




15 Jun
I realize it was mean of me to drop that editorial on you with those amazing one-piece printed swimsuits and not tell you who they’re made by. Who would do that?? Cruel! 
Don’t fret. Here they are. And they’re by swimwear brand We Are Handsome. They’re handmade, retro, limited edition, and oh so special. So it’s not a total shocker that they’re actually quite pricey as well. You can find them online at and I’ve also seen them at


15 Jun
Ok, so maybe I over-exaggerated about this Sydney winter. Seeing as I spent the weekend tanning on the balcony. I’m not complaining, sunshine and candy-colored eyeshadow can do the body good. This sunshiney candy-colored editorial comes from Fashion156, an online magazine full of emerging UK design talent. 

source: fashion156

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