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Taste the weekend

5 Oct
Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a lovely pair of shoes on my doorstep (more on that later) and I promptly tried them on. Then… did I go out? Did I wear them out with friends? Or at least in public? Nope. I wore them ALL night, I even cooked dinner in them. I may or may not have put on nicer clothes. And touched up my makeup. Am I alone in this? Does anyone else cook in heels? I can’t decide if it’s cool or sad. All dressed up and no place to go, or all dressed up and making a fantastic meal, I prefer the latter. And fantastic it was! Guys, I made my own salad dressing. Like grown ups do. Chefs even. As you can see from these instagram snaps, it was delish. So this weekend, why not try making your own salad dressing! If I can do it, you can too. As always have a lovely weekend, and if you’d like the recipe for this pasta salad, click here

Baby spinach, feta cheese, almonds, roasted peppers, bowtie pasta, cherry tomatoes, and that awesome homemade vinaigrette? Triple yum.
xoxo Cristina



28 Sep

I have citron on the brain, and it’s clear why. Julianne Moore and Julie Bowen were the two stand-out dresses for me at the Emmy’s. Julianne’s dress was the most memorable for me, and Julie’s was the one I’d most likely choose to wear myself. It’s no coincidence that citron is (and always has been) the accent color here on FUJI FILES. It’s my favorite. And I’m loving that it was so well represented at the Emmy’s this year!

So this weekend, why not take a cue from the Red Carpet and work a little citron into your outfit?
xo Cristina



This weekend why not… No. 2

21 Sep

It’s almost fall, but not quite (the first day of fall is tomorrow!) I mean, it’s still 93 degrees outside. Veritable bikini weather! Which has me totally torn, of course I want to pull out the knits and boots (ohhh the boots) but I’m still clinging to the dog days of summer – bikinis, neon, beach hair. This weekend why not take a cue from Zippora here and wear BOTH! Neon, knits and bikinis, or even better: a neon knit bikini. That’s what I call transitional wear! So this weekend I’ll be searching the bikini sale racks, what will you be doing?

Ok, also can we talk about this? Her name is Zippora Seven. Zippora Seven! Is that a name? 
Can it be mine?
xo C



This weekend, why not…

14 Sep

Happy Friday dear readers! I hope you have a few fun things on your weekend to do list. If not, here are a couple suggestions to help you along:

1. Clip-In Bangs
Personally, I feel there is still a stigma around extensions, clip in bangs, and fake hair in general. Maybe it’s just in my head, but it took me a while to come around to the idea of wearing a wig. But last year I bit the bullet and invested in a set of clip in bangs, and I’m SO glad I did! I’ve had bangs before, and it was fun for a change. But you know what clip-ins save you? The excruciating pain of growing them out. If you’ve ever experienced this, then nuff said.

2. Bronzer
Like clip-in bangs, bronzer is another beauty product that I recently tried for the first time. How did I go without for so long? Believe me, I’ve been asking myself the same question. Ideal for contouring or an all over kiss from the sun, I use Hoola by Benefit. Seeing as it’s the first and only bronzer I’ve ever used, I don’t have enough to compare it to. I’ve hit pan on mine and I’m starting to get excited about my next bronzer purchase! Which should I try next?

3. Pink Lippy
Now this is one I haven’t yet tried, but I hear Mac’s Saint Germain is the pink lipstick. This sweet Barbie pink shade is much lighter than any lip color I own… all the more reason try it! But be sure to use a bronzer because such a light shade of pink has the potential to wash you out.

Do let me know if you try any of these this weekend, and I’d love to know 
what are your favorite bronzers?
xoxo Cristina