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OWN IT 2013

8 Jan

No one ever tells you this… but your early 20’s are hard. You’re faced with so many big decisions with relatively little experience to base them on – pick a major, choose a career, find a job, choose your friends, pick a place, find your passion. 2012 held a lot of these big decisions for me. I moved, pursued my passion full time, bought a house, ended a relationship – it was a tough year. Tough and wonderful. To be perfectly honest my major decision making has often been fraught with doubt and indecision. Even my not-so-major decision making has been known to be harrowing (like, should I get bangs?). And with good reason! No one wants to make the wrong choice, nobody likes regret. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, making wrong choices can feel quite liberating! And how else are you gonna grow? Choices, years, growing… you probably know where I’m going with this.

Along with fireworks this time of year brings inevitable thoughts of reflection and renewed resolve. Resolve to exercise more, eat less, save more, spend less… but that doesn’t sound like any fun. This year I’m skipping the punishing resolutions. This year I’m backing myself in, with a little resolution I like to call Own It 2013.

Like weird shoes? Own it. Scandinavian design addict? Own it. Can’t finish a DIY to save your life? Whatever. Own it.

These two little words, just 5 little letters, are more empowering to me than any number of Pinspirational quotes and sage words. And what’s more? I thought of them myself. I believe that no matter what decisions you make this year, you can’t go wrong with this as your anthem.

With a bit of confidence, optimism, and a little self-fulfilling prophecy, 2013 is bound to be a bright year. So this year on Fuji Files is going to be like every year on Fuji Files – discovering personal style, celebrating it, but now more than ever: Owning it.

It’s gonna be a fun year.
xo Cristina