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16 Feb

My favorite print campaign of the season.
Reminds me of the collages I used to make on my binders, hours spent painstakingly cutting letters and pictures out of magazines and taping them to a piece of paper to slide into my binder cover. My masterpieces! I’d love to see what Tavi’s binders look like.
xo C

AD CAMPAIGN:: Daria + Shorts

20 Feb
About a year ago I bought long black denim shorts but I can’t help but feel like a cyclist every time I put them on. 
Hey Thanks Daria Werbowy for showing me how to wear my biker shorts with style.
source unknown

AD CAMPAIGN:: Daria Werbowy + Skateboard

31 Jan

I’m really feeling the laid back luxe feeling of the Celine Spring 2011 ad campaign. Those pants are like a kimono.. in pants form.. from the 70’s. Basically the coolest thing I can think of.
And be straight with me, is 24 too old to want an orange skateboard? Let me rephrase – is 24 too old to learn how to skateboard??
images via fashiongonerogue


18 Oct

Two things:

          a) If I were to sketch my ideal handbag, this would be it, in its entirety

          b) My birthday is coming up


7 Sep
Well well we’ve come full circle. Industry inspires street style, street style inspires industry. 
Hermès has launched their digital campaign J’aime Mon Carrè or ‘I Love My Scarf,’ a website featuring ‘street style shots’ of it girls and their it accessory – the Hermès scarf.
This immediately calls to mind Burberry’s Art of the Trench, shot by Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil. I think there is something to be said for Tommy’s real shots of real people who just so happened to be rocking a Burberry trench (rather than models pretending to be street stylers). But if Hermès is trying to appeal to a younger market by enticing them to invest in an attainable luxury item, then well-played Hermès. I want.
Sign me up for one silk scarf, and one of those mini handbags! 


Prada SS10

1 Apr

Chanel Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2010

31 Mar