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30 Nov

Rachel Bilson Shoemint Edith street style  


Take THAT and put it on a t-shirt Mary-Kate.

I dabbled with my first pair of earrings, (they were Kate Bosworth’s ‘favorite’ after all!) and then I was hooked. $29.99 streaming directly out of my bank account every month and before you know it I’m spending ‘credits’ willy nilly. Is anyone else with me? Enter Stylemint. Endorsed by only my two all-time fashion icons MK&A. With their quirky Halloween costumes and their ‘plowling,’ there goes another monthly $29.99 slipping right out of my bank account unnoticed (that’s $59.98/month but who’s counting?). And now. Who else to tug at a fashionista’s heart strings but street style’s sweetheart herself, Rachel Bilson! Peddling her fashionable wares in the form my number one addiction in life: SHOES. But how did she know??
And just when I thought I could ween myself off the Jewelmint and the Stylemint, the price point jumps up to $79.99 (with 20% off the first pair, naturally). Mint Corp: you will be the end of me.
Now that I’ve accepted my fate, let’s move on to other important matters. Can I wear Shoemint’s Edith pumps for both day and night? I’m a smart shopper, I don’t jump into purchases without completing my homework.

See my research below.

Now my only problem is that I do not in fact own any of these clothes. I do have in my possession the American Apparel nail polish and that iphone case. And that’s it. But on a slightly less sarcastic note, I do believe in purchasing a beautiful piece even if only to display it in my house and to wear on special occasions. Think of these shoes as two small statues to adorn a bookshelf, Coveteur-style.
So, have I justified this purchase yet? Did I mention it’s 20% off the first pair?
Did I Actually just convince myself that I’m gonna wear 6-inch pumps in my day-to-day life?
Help. I think I have an addiction.




28 Nov
Wearing stolen feather earring, thanks M!
Live music and silent movies. Bar heaven.

East Side Showroom Austin

Do we love M’s fur vest?

East Side Showroom
It’s not so often that I post pictures of my real life (hence the title, let’s get real). To be quite frank taking good quality outfit photos is a lot of work! And you may have noticed I’ve been contributing regularly on other fabulous blogs, so unfortunately I haven’t been putting an incredible amount of work into Fuji Files. Travesty!

As I discuss fashion on coco+kelley and interiors on Camille Styles, I am going to start focusing this blog more on my own personal life and style. Just a little experiment I’ll be conducting. So without further ado, here are some photos of me, in real life. These snaps were taken this weekend with my beautiful bestie Marisa and our two handsome beaus at one of my new favorite cocktail bars, the East Side Showroom.

Also you may have noticed something is missing – my notebook layout! That’s another experiment I’ll be trying on here for the next week.

I’m so looking forward to hearing your feedback as I try a few new things here on the blog!
xoxoxo Cristina



26 Nov

street style mint dress
Just LOVE this look. The seams of the dress, the minty color I never grow tired of, presumably a vintage clutch and some fabulous lipstick. I also spy some Peridot nail polish. And perfectly shaped shades. And did you notice the ribbon detail on the back? Am I gushing? Ok, I’ll stop. Oh but the ballet flats! And the best part is it feels like she threw this on without a moment’s notice. Hair up into a bun as she walked out the door.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving (and a fruitful Black Friday)!

cocokelley Black Friday street style

If you’re interested in seeing my Black Friday guide on coco+kelley, click here!

xoxo Cristina


22 Nov

The Sartorialist racer banck tank top pencil skirt street style
The Sartorialist racer banck tank top pencil skirt street style
I know it’s fall, but it is ACTUALLY 80 degrees here in Texas. I can’t wear any of the scarves I knitted, or the beanies I’ve bought, or even the dark red lipstick I’m dying to try because it feels like summer up in here! So instead of tall boots and chunky knits, I suppose I’ll have to settle for my next favorite combo of the mo: racer backs and pencil skirts. There’s just that tricky matter of underthings (notice none of these girls have bra straps showing) but once I tackle that issue, I’ll be ready to throw on a patterned pencil and a pair of flats and be on my hot non-fall way.

Are you all experiencing real seasons? Or is the heat preventing you from cute fall layering too?
xo Cristina


source: thesartorialist


18 Nov

Zara lookbook November 2011 1 Zara lookbook November 2011 2 Zara lookbook November 2011 4 Zara lookbook November 2011 3

A little giddy over the latest Zara lookbook. Traces of Isabel Marant and Givenchy throughout. MUST HAVE the last outfit, in its entirety. Would it be inappropriate to wear that outfit as is? Would anyone notice? Or CARE?

I’m doing it.

I’m guest posting over at Bright Bold & Beautiful today, where I wrote about what I’m thankful for!

(Here’s a hint: it starts with a Z….)
xo Cristina


16 Nov

camille styles cristina cleveland bring it home

Exciting news!! I’m the newest contributor at one of the prettiest blogs around, Camille Styles! I’ll be writing about beautiful interiors and giving tips on how to bring the look into your own home. My first post was on this gorgeous coffee table (and of course the vintage Hermes tray). If you’d like to see the little room I created, click here!

xo Cristina


15 Nov

Japan Fashion's Night Out
Vogue Japan Fashion's Night OutAnna Wintour really poured her resources into this year’s Fashion’s Night Out Japan in an effort to reinvigorate Japan’s retail industry following the earthquake, quite the worthy cause. And the event certainly got my attention along with the rest of the world’s fashionistas I’m sure.

If this doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane to Tokyo, I don’t know what will! 
xo C
source: theblondesalad, fashionsquad, leblogdebetty, chicmuse, fashiontoast