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31 Aug

Is it deja vu? If looking at this apartment gives you the eery feeling that you’ve seen it, and loved it, all before that’s probably because it is the work of Ryan Korban whose home I featured recently. This bedroom has the same luxe feel, with light grey walls (which I want), furs, shiny metals, and expertly chosen artwork.

Ok Ryan, come work your magic on my place next!

source: lonnymag


30 Aug
I’ve been mildly obsessing over the knit shorts by Stolen Girlfriends Club for some time (check them out on Rumi), searching high and low for a cheaper alternative. But NOW, after seeing this editorial, I wanna go all the way. Full. Length. Knits. Can you possibly think of anything cuddlier than a cableknit bodysuit (soft knit, not that itchy stuff)? The search begins. 
Anyone wanna volunteer their grandma?

source: tfs, fashiontoast


29 Aug

I hope you’ve all survived the weekend! Sadly, one member of my shoe family did not.
Last night (Saturday) I went out for dinner and drinks and was pumped to wear a brand new pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots for the first time, but while walking to dinner I felt a riiiiiiiiiiiip – the heel of the shoe had completely separated from the sole! The whole sole was just flapping off my foot every time I took a step. QUE DESASTRE! I could already feel the other sole was starting to rip too.
I played it off, I walked, danced, and worked it like nothing was wrong but on the inside.. I was silently mourning the death of my JC’s. How cheap. How poorly made. I mean I still love you Jeffrey but that was a major blow to the relationship. How can I trust you now?? How can I trust that this was a one-off mistake and it won’t happen again? Without trust, I don’t know if it’ll ever be like before, maybe we should just be friends.

If I weren’t wearing my (defunct) Jeffrey Campbell’s and leather jacket-skirt combo, this is what I would have liked to wear..

earrings Giles & Brother, dress Acne, shoes Boettega Veneta, ring Pamela Love, purse Antik Batik

source: netaporter


29 Aug

This girl has perfect taste in summer dresses. I believe the first is Zara and the second is H&M. And how adorable are her sunglasses with the chain, and that saddle bag. I think I wanna try the chain on a pair of Ray-Bans, cute and convenient!



26 Aug


To Forever 21 and snatch up these MiuMiu look-alike shoes. If I know anything about the blogosphere (cringe-worthy word), I predict these babies will sell out within the next day so heed my advice and get yourself a pair NOW!
And a week from now when every blogger and their mom is wearing these, you will thank me for the heads up.

Just to prove my point, here is Ida Rislow from A Perfect Guide in her realdeal MiuMiu’s. Can you even tell the difference?

Don’t forget to enter SHIPFREE at the checkout for free shipping! (If you spend over $40 – which you can achieve by buying this shoe in solid black and flower print)

**edit: these are now sold out

also available in flower print


24 Aug

Last night I attended the opening show of Sydney Fashion Festival, “a retrospective showcase of the most inspiring looks to be sent down the runway over the past 15 years.” The show included looks from Sass & Bide, Zimmerman, Akira, Alex Perry, Lisa Ho (who I sat behind!), and so many more. I had an incredible view of all the looks and guess who… Gala from am-lul’s closet! I’ve been following her blog for years so seeing her in person pretty much reduced me to fan girl status (play cool Cristina, play cool).
Here are the photos I took at the show..


22 Aug

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! I actually played laser tag at a birthday party yesterday and MAN I’m sore. Running in a squat position for 30 minutes really worked a number on my thighs. Youch. Now getting ready for the week to start.

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival week to be exact. Super excited to go to my first shows!
What to wear??? I don’t know yet. But judging by these photos, I need an animal print clutch, stat.