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11 Apr

On this particularly lovely day I met up with friends for omelettes and tea at a new brunch spot I had never been to before (I told you it was lovely). After brunch we wandered back behind the restaurant parking lot to take a couple of outfit shots. Then fueled by caffeine I drove home and while passing by one of my favorite vintage shops I pulled a spontaneous left turn and decided to do some spur of the moment vintaging. I mean seriously, could this day have gotten any better? Well just then, it did.
Flashback is a store in a cute little blue house in Austin, and the dress forms on the sidewalk wearing 50’s prom dresses and 60’s sundresses always entice me to come in. This wasn’t the first time I’ve made an impromptu stop there. I think there must be something in this polkadot dress of mine, because last time I came to this shop with this dress on I had great vintage luck, and this day was no different. I brought 4 or 5 dresses with me into the fitting room, and there was one red dress I had trouble parting with. But then I found the boots. Hunter green cowboy boots in excellent condition, but just a little too tight. I asked the shopkeeper about them and she called them the “Cinderella boots.” Apparently women have been trying to make them fit to no avail for ages. And when I heard that I knew I had to have them. Yea, they’re a bit snug, but the Cinderella boots are all mine. It was well worth the effort, because I wear them all the time. So far they’ve come to a crawfish boil, out to a bar, and even to work. I have never, ever thought of myself as a cowboy boots kind of girl but I’ve apparently caught some sort of Texan fever because since then I’ve bought two more pairs of vintage cowboy boots. Pics of those to come.
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xoxo Cristina



20 Mar

Hey Fuji Filers. It has been longer than I’d like to admit since my last blog post, but I’ve been busy. Doing important stuff. (See above). But in all seriousness I have been working my butt off at work, went to Chicago (for business, not pleasure) and just survived my first SXSW experience here in Austin. I made it out alive (barely… as I now suffer through the SXSW flu) with a couple of mementos. This cool new take on the photobooth was the source of endless fun at Fader Fort. I also got to work a couple of music events and even got my hair done while I was at it!

I haven’t blogged much about my day job, but you now have an idea of what I do! 
Let me know if any of you’d like to hear more about curly and wavy hair or see tutorials. I know this isn’t a beauty blog but it’s something I happen to know a lot about, so just tell me in the comments below if this is something you’d be interested in?
xoxo Cristina


ACL 2012 – What We Wore

22 Oct


Happy Monday y’all! Here are a few of my snaps from Days 2 and 3 of Austin City Limits 2012! Somehow, inexplicably, this was my first time to attend ACL Music Fest. To be honest, something about music festivals has always put me off. The thought of lining up for an hour to use a portapotty, or (in some cases) an inability to bathe, or (in many cases) getting wet and muddy. I’m not a girly girl, but I’ve always been intimidated by committing to these seemingly medieval conditions. Well friends, I went into my first ACL hopeful, and I came out the other side with muddy boots and a big smile on my face. Oh yea, and a flower crown on my head!
For the grande finale on Day 3 Nancy and I decided to wear my diy flower crowns, and not to toot my own horn but.. these babies were popular! I initially made my first flower crown for a little photo shoot with CamilleStyles thinking it would be a one-time use sorta thing, but ever since then my friends have been borrowing them, instagramming them, and generally going gaga for them. It has awakened the entrepreneurial spirit in me. They’re the absolute perfect accessory for a festival, Halloween, or just because. I’ve also found they make great gifts 😉 
So starting today if you’d like your very own Fuji Flowers crown 
send me an email at 

They’re $25 each, and if you have any color requests do let me know!
xoxo Cristina


GET THE LOOK:: Metric at ACL 2012

19 Oct
Last weekend I went to Austin City Limits music festival, and along with the live music and the people watching, I also loved what Emily Haines of Metric wore! No, I wasn’t close enough to the stage to see her sunglasses, but luckily there were screens big enough for me to confirm that they were in fact, Miu Miu. 
It might have been my favorite performance, or maybe I was just blinded by those glittery glasses and that leather vest. It got me thinking about the oversized leather vest being sold at Zara right now. When I first saw the vest in the Zara lookbook I couldn’t think of very many ways in which I could wear it, but now  all I can think about is countless ways to wear it! It is the perfect layer for fall, it’ll keep you warm but you won’t be boiling. And the Miu Miu’s aren’t quite attainable – so I’m considering this diy version