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NEW Haircut + OOTD

29 Jul

I slipped this little bomb into the last post (did you notice?) but I thought I should probably do a proper post finally. “I got a haircut” feels like an understatement, but there you go. It had reached my belly button, the longest it has ever been in my life… to the shortest it has ever been in my life! I like to live in extremes, clearly.

To sum up this weekend: Friday night storm, Saturday afternoon markets, chasing the light for outfit photos as the sun set (see above), a chips and salsa overdose, Sunday morning run by the lake, followed by an eye-opening mezcal tasting, a quick photo shoot at my abode, and with my last bit of energy I managed to upload these photos.

It’s been a long week and I’m fresh out of words for you, but if you guys have any questions about the cut leave ’em in the comments and I’ll respond to them all when I’m feeling more chipper!

shirt Urban Outfitters / pants Zara / sneakers Zara / bag Zara / necklace Onecklace
I hope you had a superb weekend!
xoxo Cristina