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Alexa Chanel Leighton Olivia

30 Nov
source unknown

Tis’ the season

30 Nov

Thank you Emma Watson

29 Nov


Big Black It bags

27 Nov
I thought they said big it bags were out? I beg to differ.

Happy Thanksgiving

26 Nov

No I didn’t sit down to eat turkey wearing Chanel Spring 2010 collection, but wouldn’t it be nice?
Although I require something with a bit more stretch for when I slip into my mashed-potato-and-gravy-coma.



25 Nov

In the spirit of Victoria’s Secret… Pink!
More modern examples of pink in the home. And proof that it need not involve zebra stripes or 15 year old girls.


Victoria’s Secret 2009

25 Nov

I haven’t seen a Victoria’s Secret show in about 5 years.. who knew Abbey Lee was an angel?
Tommy Ton for