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9 Oct

Day two of our Fashion Week recap, it had to be Miss Tomasi Hill. You never know what she’s going to do next, whether she’ll pull out all the stops or just go simple with a collared shirt and jeans. One thing is a constant though: that hair. It’s always hard to choose a favorite, but in this case I could not get over that floral print dress with her cropped leather moto jacket. I think what excites me most about that look is that we can all pull it off! We all have a pretty dress that could stand to be toughened up by a little leather. And if you haven’t seen the word transition enough lately, then here it is again. It’s simply the best way to transition your leg baring dresses into fall. 
Which is your favorite TTH look?
xo Cristina





15 Mar

True to her personal style, Taylor Tomasi’s New York home is unexpected and unconventional. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a swan suspended above a bed. And seeing Taylor’s bedroom makes me feel like my choice of grey sheets and white comforter is very boring indeed. That girl has a knack for pattern mixing that crosses all boundaries.

This girl crush has just reached new levels.
xoxo Cristina



2 Dec
instagram sequins holiday fashion zara
Photos: me

Hey girls! As part of my effort to up the personal ante on here, I’m sharing a few of my instagram snaps! I took these this weekend and everything shown is my by fav: Zara. This month more than any other is a perfect excuse to wear ALL of the sequins in your closet that only see the light of day (or night!) once a year. And I actually think I’m seeing more sequins this year than ever before. I personally haven’t bought any sequin pants, shorts, or skirts yet because quite frankly, I’m intimidated, but I think the key to coming off as more high fashion and less Charlotte Russe clubwear is in fresh prints like these Navajo inspired geometric looks.



You cannot receive any higher endorsement than Taylor Tomasi and Hanne Gaby Odiele, two of the most unique dressers I’ve ever seen. I’m quite sure we would all love an ounce of their fashion ingenuity! Their pieces are both from the Ashish Fall 2011 collection, but there are some similar prints at lower price points available at Zara and Asos.

SEQUIN geometric navajo zara asos
I suppose my main hang-up when purchasing sequined pieces is the feeling that they’re only appropriate one night of the year: New Year’s Eve. But I don’t think that’s the case with these. For the summer I’d pair this skirt with a white blazer and tank top and some simple leather sandals like these. Now, I’ve successfully convinced myself that it’s multi-functional, does that qualify for a purchase??

ashish street style taylor tomasi hanne gaby odiele Taylor & Hanne say so.
xo C


source:, elle, streetfsn, zara, asos


STREET STYLE:: Taylor Tomasi

5 Dec
A perfect look with the leather and the peachy tones, oh yea and ridiculously good accessories. Taylor nails it every.time. 
source: streetfsn


2 Nov
For those of you who asked about the zebra pillow in the Giveaway post,  that cute lil thing is by Fauna and can be found at one of CSN’s stores, allmodern, for just $24! Which means if you win the giveaway you can get one and still have extra 😉 
It first came to my attention that I needed him when I spotted him on Taylor Tomasi’s couch, and again in an adorable bedroom in Lonny Mag. You can find him and much, much more at CSN stores, so be sure to join my giveaway for a chance to win the $35 gift certificate!

Home Accessories

17 May

Of all the Taylor Tomasi accessories that I covet, one in particular was spotted in her house in my last post. The little zebra pillow was perched atop her red leather sofa – fun, unique, quirky, just as an accent pillow should be. Now Taylor’s got some edgy style so I was surprised when I spied the same little zebra in the sweetly styled bedroom below.

Now the ultimate shocker: this pillow is totally attainable, at just $24 from cool online store Areaware. But zebras isn’t all they’re about…

Taylor Tomasi’s Home

16 May

Taylor Tomasi, queen of accessories and street style darling, recently opened her NYC pad to Refinery29 only to confirm what I had always suspected: that the rest of her home is as well-curated as her closet.