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5 Steps to J.Crew Cuffs

28 Jun

 See that little hashtag at the top? #WWJLD. It’s my little mantra for I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days and why-doesn’t-this-look-right moments. What Would Jenna Lyons Do. But thanks to this shirt cuff tutorial from Who What Wear I’ll be one step (ok, one inch) closer to capturing that Jenna Lyons babeness. It just so happens that when I saw this how-to I was wearing a J.Crew chambray shirt (not that much of a coincidence, that’s half the week for me). So I promptly unrolled my sleeves and gave this a try. It really worked! I think the key is in the last two steps, tugging on the corner and then scrunching at the end. It gives that slightly unkempt feel that juxtaposes the polished look of a collared shirt just perfectly.

Give it a try, and let me know if this (or #wwjld) works for you!

xoxo Cristina

SOURCE: WhoWhatWear



14 Mar

Contestant Number 1, Jenna Lyons, paired her Derek Lam jacket with a fur scarf, boyfriend jeans, and a neon Proenza Schouler PS11 bag worn as a clutch. Yes, it is a shoulder strap, but Jenna prefers to squeeze it between her arm and torso as if it were a large strapless envelope clutch and I am dying to hold my bag in this very way, perhaps tomorrow. Then we have contestant number two Miroslava Duma (I realize this is two Mira posts in a row, I love her) who went with leather shorts, an actual Prada clutch, and who could forget her mis-matched Burberry platform shoes. If you’re doing the math that means she spent $1700 total on shoes in this look (at $850 a pair).

I believe this fashion challenge boils down to two main stand-out pieces:
Neon purse vs. Mis-matched shoes
What’s your verdict, who wore it best??
xo C