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STREET STYLE:: Kate’s Hair

8 Mar
Every time I see Kate Lanphear, I get the urge to chop all my hair off (and possibly dye it white blonde).
But I feel like I’d have to dress extra fierce to pull it off, I mean Kate-Lanphear-fierce. Lanfierce. heh..heh.
Hope you’re all having a fierce week!


7 Jun
I have a talent crush on Judit García-Talavera. I love her squiggly lines and messy colors… ok so I’m not an art critic. I just like her ok? Perhaps you will too..

Arm Candy

30 Apr

I recently spent a longer-than-is-healthy amount of time oogling Kate Lanphear’s wrists, consequently  I’m in the mood for some arm candy. Sure La Lanphear’s got the studs and body armour look going for her, but my taste is a bit more organic. Take these bracelets by Scosha NYC for example. I’ll have the whole set please. All on the one wrist. And I’ll layer on a few of those necklaces as well.

I’m also a fan of Maria Rudman’s handcrafted bracelets, which look to me like the Guatemalan bands tourists love so dearly. In fact, they are Swedish! They never cease to amaze me the similarities of cultures so far removed from one another. Rudman collaborated with craftsmen who have lived among reindeer herds and perfected their techniques for hundreds of years, which may explain the steep price tag – $520!
I simply can’t afford you Maria Rudman, but I managed to find these bracelets in shoe form at a fraction of the price, by Jeffrey Campbell no less! Do you see now how the progression of my online shopping addiction works?? 

La Lanphear

28 Apr