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26 Oct
Lampshade head by Alexander McQueen

Tacky tourist at Betsey Johnson

The Kaiser himself, at Chanel

Still struggling for last minute Halloween costume ideas? Well I went to the Spirit Halloween store last night and let me tell you, it was not hot. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that does not involve a corset or fishnets this year, why not look to the runways? I sifted through a few of the more theatrical shows and found these, but there’s so much more inspiration to be found! Better yet, these costumes don’t require a trip to the Halloween store.

1. Put a lampshade on your head (or a giant visor for that matter) your most extravagant dress (yunno the one you never get to wear!) and be an Alexander McQueen model

2. Don all your leopard, too-tight clothing, an outrageous hat, and too much makeup. Bring a rolling luggage and go as a tacky tourist.

3. You could always pull a Roberto Cavalli and go as Karl Lagerfeld! A black blazer, white button up, a tie, some white hair spray paint on your ponytail, and sunglasses should do the trick.

Now for the big question, what are YOU gonna be for Halloween!?!
xoxo Cristina



DIY Files: Butterflies & Pumpkins

23 Oct


In this set of DIY Files, we’ve got butterflies, pumpkins, and butterflies on pumpkins. 

The steps and materials are essentially the same for all of three of these DIYs! Print clip art butterflies onto vellum sheets, and stick them to a lightbulb, a branch, a pumpkin, or anything you’d like. And if you’d prefer, you can use these butterfly decals instead.

I think this would be a fabulous way to add character to a ceiling light if you live in an apartment and can’t change out your fixtures. For materials and directions, you’ve gotta check out Suzonne’s post over at Urban Comfort. She even pulled together a pinterest board of butterfly clip art! Such a good resource.

Let me know if you try any of these DIYs, or if you decide to add butterflies to anything else in your home!
xoxo Cristina