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3 Jul

 Some rooms take my breath away. This is one of those rooms. It’s a wonderfully dreamy combination of abstract art, modern and traditional furnishings, a big dose of that bright white Scandinavian light, and a ravishing color palette. I’d love to dress the way this room looks. And I also kind of want to eat it up because it reminds me of candy. Basically, this room is a feast for the senses.

xo Cristina


INTERIORS:: Apartment Makeover

9 Nov

I love a good makeover – we all do (Clueless anyone?) So this fabulous makeover of Milla Boutique owner Camilla’s apartment is sure to make your day. From darkly romantic to brightly beautiful, she basically went from amazing to amazing. Nothing says glamour like metallic golds, silvers, and some fur on a dramatic white backdrop, and a framed photo of Kate Moss above your bed helps too.

Part of me likes to fantasize about living in the darker look, but in reality I’d say the white brights are more my style. Which version of this apartment do you prefer? Dark, brooding, candlelit and romantic? Or light, bright, sunlit and fabulous?