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31 Dec

geometric christmas tree ornaments diy geometric christmas tree ornaments diygeometric christmas tree ornaments diy 1 So, I know I’m late on this. Very, very, late. But how CUTE are these Christmas tree ornaments!?! They come in 8 paper templates in brightly colored paper that you cut and fold yourself. Easiest DIY ever. They’re officially called Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Ornaments, but I think the name makes it sound more complicated than it is. And I think assembling them would have a kindergarten-craft-time sense of fun to them.

Of course they make perfectly bright Christmas ornaments, but I believe they would look equally fabulous hanging up around your pad year round!

xoxo Cristina




30 Dec

Nicole Richie Street Style hair bangs
It’s here. Again. That craving for a haircut and style that are incompatible with my hair and always will be (read: thick and curly). It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taken a Nicole Richie photo into the salon and said “I want this.” Her fringe is a fabulous accessory and ups the chic factor in every one of her looks. But for me they have more of a 5th grader affect. I have done bangs before, and I rued them every day that I had them. But now that they’re finally grown out, I kinda want them back! It’s reading leblogdebetty, gets me every time. In fact I tweeted about it and Betty favorited my tweet! Eep! I’ve even started a Pinterest board called Bangs… I know. I’ve got it bad.

xo C
source: justjared


SHOES! Gold capped YSL ones…

29 Dec

YSL Shoes
I wish I could find a more eloquent way to put this but… I died. I’m so looking forward to seeing these on everyone’s feet in the near future. And for the high street outlets to produce gold capped shoes! Speaking of sparkle, I removed my ombre manicure last night and it was. so. hard. Do any of you ladies have tips for removing glitter nail polish? I had to soak my nails in nail polish remover (like you do with acrylic nails) and it was still impossible! No matter. I’m already planning my next glitter mani, sans ombre effect this time!

xo C



28 Dec

Hi m’dears, here’s a sneak peek of my latest posts on coco+kelley, Young Sophisticates, and Camille Styles. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas weekend!

Cocokelley gift guide fuji filesFUJI FILES LanvinFUJI FILES white living room

xoxo Cristina 


MERRY & BRIGHT (with vintage light bulbs!)

25 Dec

DIY Bulb Wreath Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Just popped on quickly to wish you a very happy Christmas wherever you are, and also to gush a little bit over this diy bulb wreath! Danielle made it herself using vintage bulbs (what a find!) I’m for sure trying this out next year. It looks pretty simple!


I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends and lots of yummy food! (I certainly did).
xoxo Cristina


My FIRST DIY FILE! Ombre Glitter Manicure

23 Dec
DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 1

Here’s my attempt at the ombre glitter manicure I swooned over on Alexa Chung. This also marks the very FIRST DIY File completed by yours truly! Usually I use DIY’s by other rockstar bloggers, but this time I dove in and gave it a try myself!
I used Essie’s Vanity Fairest nail polish as my basecoat. I chose a barely there base to let the glitter stand out, but I think bright colors could be a lot of fun too! My glitter coat was Sephora by OPI in Sparktacular (it was the closest I could find to Deborah Lippmann’s Birthday polish).

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 2

My first step was to cut and file my nails as best as I could to create that salon look. Then I added a couple of coats of the Essie light pink coat. (I had to ask my brother take the photo of me painting my nails, as I only have two hands! He rolled his eyes and obliged. Thanks Joey!)

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 3

Then I added the glitter JUST to the tips of my nails (photo on the left). After that dried, I added another layer of glitter, building up the coat at the tips and then bringing some glitter down towards the cuticles to create an ombre/fade effect (photo on the right).

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 5

The last step was to add Essie’s top coat “No Chips Ahead” just to keep the glitter from chipping or flaking off. It’s my first time trying this top coat so we’ll see if it does the job!
DIY Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen it coming. Oh! And if you all are on Twitter send me your Twitter names as I’d LOVE to follow you! It’s a fun way to continue the conversation on and off the blog, so please leave your names in a comment below and I’ll find and follow you!

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STYLING GUIDE:: DSquared Pre-Fall 2012

23 Dec

DSquared is always spot on with their styling. Their collections are usually quite basic, not too cutting edge, but that works in our favor! I like to find similar pieces at Zara and use DSquared as a guide for styling, especially their Fall/Winter collections for layering. I’m also in love with the hair and makeup. Perfect for a holiday party, or even just to add a ladylike flair to your typical tee and jeans look. I’ll for sure be trying the eyeliner soon.

dsquared prefall 2012 On a separate note, I have a thing for Barbara Palvin. She’s just the most feminine beauty.

xo C

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