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16 Nov

Here’s how Dree wears neon. If I had on leather pants, pointy toe heels, and a bead embellished jacket, I most certainly would not have thrown on a neon orange beanie. A neon orange beanie, the kind I imagine construction workers might wear, or fishermen. How did Dree make that decision to put that on? Do you think she laid out her outfit the night before, carefully planning the beanie for its unexpected statement? Or maybe she had planned a formal look but while she was out her head was cold and she needed a beanie, she ducked into a store and this orange hat was all they had. Or maybe she saw a street style photo of someone in neon, pinned it to her “Street Style” Pinterest board and then went shopping for a similar hat. Somehow, I think that it was much more effortless than all of those options.

Have a neon weekend!
xo Cristina




28 Jun

vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 1
vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 2
vogue nippon july 2011 dree hemingway tommy ton 3

Bikinis are so passe. Next time I go to the beach I’ll be wearing a highlighter yellow cocktail dress and Miu Miu pumps. Dree makes me want to do crazy things, like scuba dive in a dress. It’s winter here in Sydney, but soon enough I’ll be somewhere hot and I’m filing away all these hot weather ideas til then!

source: studded hearts


3 Apr
This shot still makes my heart flutter. Dree was on to so many trends ahead of time, (ie pink hair) and I think the whole look can still be worn in its entirety and still look cutting edge. This goes into the street style hall of fame for me.


11 Nov

Christmas is coming up (drafting up a wishlist) and the New Year is almost here, so it’s time for a new scent. I’ve been wearing DKNY Blossom for daytime, Fendi Palazzo for night, and Green Tea Elizabeth Arden for a fresh & casual scent. I don’t know what all that says about me, but if anyone would like to diagnose me with a new must-have, or just your standby favorites, do tell!


5 Aug

I meeeean.


7 Jul
I’m just admiring how Dree managed to wear a leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots, and a leather bag and not look like a candidate for “What Not to Wear.” Perhaps it’s their varying shades of brown, black, and tan? Or her supercool layered jumpers. I dunno what it is, but I hesitate to recreate it. Do you guys mix leathers? 

Dree Hemingway – 3 Steps to cool

31 Jan