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DIY Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves

1 Jul

Oh hey! Are you all super excited for this week’s summer holiday? 3. More. Days. And I’m extra lucky to have Friday off too. I’d say some hot summer lipstick and beachy hair is in order, wouldn’t you? Juuust in case you haven’t mixed yourself up some sea salt spray yet, I thought this tutorial might be appropriate. I can’t actually describe to you how easy this was. Water, (curl-friendly) gel, and sea salt. That’s it! Don’t believe me? Watch this…

In the video I sprayed it in on dry hair, but you could definitely apply this to damp, just-out-of-the-shower hair and it would give you light hold and good wave definition. The bombshell beachy wave thing is all about imperfect, voluminous waves so it’s important to use a product that doesn’t weigh your hair down or give you crunchy curls.

xoxo Cristina



Kendra Scott Giveaway!

17 Jun


Nothing brightens up a Monday like a giveaway, am I right? So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m the Editor of a beauty website based here in Austin, and the fabulous jewelry designer Kendra Scott is an Austin local as well. So me and my friends Evelyn and Nikki put this wedding video together,  along with a giveaway from our friends at Kendra Scott. We’re giving away four pairs of Kendra Scott earrings, if you’re interested simply watch the video and vote for your favorite hairstyle in the video comments 🙂

xoxo Cristina



BEAUTY FILES:: Side Braid Hair Tutorial

14 Jun

So this is kind of exciting, it’s my very first hair tutorial on YouTube! Let’s be clear I don’t presume to be as unhumanly perfect as Miranda Kerr, just that I really liked her side braid (which gives the appearance of a half shaved head) at the punk Met Gala.

Pssst I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes (as if there were actually scenes) secret: I totally don’t know how to French braid. I had to muddle my way through it while filming this and I’m really quite proud of the outcome!

Could you tell?



20 Mar

Hey Fuji Filers. It has been longer than I’d like to admit since my last blog post, but I’ve been busy. Doing important stuff. (See above). But in all seriousness I have been working my butt off at work, went to Chicago (for business, not pleasure) and just survived my first SXSW experience here in Austin. I made it out alive (barely… as I now suffer through the SXSW flu) with a couple of mementos. This cool new take on the photobooth was the source of endless fun at Fader Fort. I also got to work a couple of music events and even got my hair done while I was at it!

I haven’t blogged much about my day job, but you now have an idea of what I do! 
Let me know if any of you’d like to hear more about curly and wavy hair or see tutorials. I know this isn’t a beauty blog but it’s something I happen to know a lot about, so just tell me in the comments below if this is something you’d be interested in?
xoxo Cristina


DIY DIP DYE: Koolaid Hair Tutorial

20 Nov

This weekend was action packed. In addition to the race, we dip dyed Nancy’s hair in Koolaid! Slightly impromptu, totally effective. This was an excellent way to spend an evening. Nancy’s hair was already ombre’d so her tips were lighter than the rest of her hair to begin with. If you have blonde hair you can skip this step, but if you have dark hair you’ll probably have to bleach the ends first. First we boiled a small pot of water, then added 5 packs of Koolaid. We were going for a pink rather than red result, so we used 4 packs of Pink Lemonade and 1 packet of Watermelon Cherry. Nancy’s hair is quite long, so if your hair is shorter you could use less Koolaid. Stir the mixture until the Koolaid has dissolved, then transfer it into a large heat safe bowl.

Next, Nancy put on an old t-shirt (in case of stains) and then dipped the ends of her hair into the bowl. She left it in for about 30 minutes, but you could probably leave it for less. We passed the time by gossiping and drinking hot cocoa. When you’re all done, simply blow dry. Voila! Hot pink hair. You should know this is a semi-permanent dye, it will eventually fade but it definitely won’t wash out for a few weeks. Lemme know if you have any questions!

xoxo Cristina




28 Aug
I’ve always been a bunhead. I did ballet for 16 years, plus my hair has always been twice as thick as everyone else’s – so buns were the most practical and effective way to do my hair! I never quite grew out of this quick fix (as in, I wear one almost every day) so isn’t it lucky that buns are totally en vogue right now? Of course they’ve had a fresh makeover (right on top of the head & a looser twist) and a new name, the top knot. It took me a while to adjust to having my hair up so high on the head, and not quite so tight, but this video is a really easy step-by-step tutorial to get the updated bun!
I’m trying to break my bun habit but what with all of the models-off-duty sporting this ‘do I’m finding it even more difficult than before. Perhaps I should just cut it all off 😉
xoxo Cristina



24 Apr

My friend M is chopping all her hair off for Locks of Love (Saint M), so we’re brainstorming possible short hair cuts! I had so much fun putting this post together it has me considering a chop myself. But then I wouldn’t be able to do my beloved beach waves. Have you ever done a short ‘do? If so, I salute you! It takes a lotta courage to be totally independent of our long-haired safety blanket. I feel the short-hair urge about once a week, but in my experience the shorter my hair the more I look like a 5-year old boy. My mom’s words not mine. If I were to cut my hair today,  I’d take the Karla Deras route, who initially cut her hair into a short bob, then as she grew more comfortable with the new length took it a little shorter, and a little shorter, right up to the boy-length ‘do she’s sporting today. I like the idea of easing into it, because let’s face it, hair this short is a statement. If your hair is this short, the rest of you better look sharp too….. I just zoned out for 2 minutes imagining what my life might be like with Dianna Lunt’s hair, it was full of bold lipsticks, large accessories, and a boatload of confidence. Evidently life with short hair also consists of plenty of over the shoulder glances (as in most of these photos!). As Joan Juliet Buck once said for American Vogue:

“with short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. and you brush your teeth more often. short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. when it starts growing out a little and losing its style, you have to wear sunglasses until you can get it to the hairdresser. that’s why you need a variety. short hair makes you aware of subtraction as style. you can no longer wear puffed sleeves or ruffles; the neat is suddenly preferable to the fussy. you eye the tweezers instead of the blusher. what else can you take away? you can’t hide behind short hair… you may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare… but your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.” c.1988 (via the political quotidian) via the glamourai 

So would you ever go this short? If so, which of these cuts could you commit to?

xo Cristina