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31 May

DIY FILES wetsuit skirt neoprene insearchoflittlesadieDIY FILES wetsuit skirt neoprene insearchoflittlesadie DIY FILES wetsuit skirt neoprene insearchoflittlesadie steps<DIY FILES wetsuit skirt neoprene insearchoflittlesadie 1

I posted about Lisa Marie Fernandez’s wetsuit dresses and swimsuits way back in the early days of the blog, and now finally a DIY to satisfy my neoprene needs! This is the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. summer skirt, great for a summer bash or just to add some fun to your hot summer errands. And hello-oo how perfect is this for the beach? Beyond. So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a cheap thrift store wetsuit (that’s what Natascha did) and get sewing! I’d love to find a wetsuit with fun neon colors, like some hot pinks! Then again plain black with a yellow stripe would be pretty awesome too. It’s the perfect twist on a summer staple. I really wanna try this one.
Here’s how she did it:
1. find a wetsuit at your local second hand store, this one was $11.99

2. cut in half (around the waistline) keep the bottom half.
3. measure from your waist to the desired skirt length (on your side) this will become your outside hemline.
4. lay the bottom half of the wetsuit flat & cut each leg straight across the same length as your hemline measurement.

5. turn inside out, and use a seam ripper / quick unpick / scissors to undo the inside hem.
6. keeping the skirt inside out, sew the front seam straight down the center.
7. turn the skirt around and fold the crotch piece over and pin in place, eliminating a little fabric so that it doesn’t flare and so that the center seam is straight.
8. sew the back seam following the line of the crotch (the original seam line)

9. over-lock the hemline (if you don’t have an over-locker, just do a zigzag stitch!

If you have any questions, leave Natascha a comment and she’ll do her best to explain here.

garance dore wetsuit skirt lisa marie fernandez
Lisa Marie Fernandez in her own wetsuit skirt


30 May

alexander wang accessories fall 2011 pink silveralexander wang accessories fall 2011

Sure black is a staple, but I love me some navy blue. And now that the Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag comes in navy, there’s almost no resisting it. Be strong! Don’t fall prey to the fury flourishes and shiny colors of Alexander Wang accessories fall 2011. Try not to think about how long your leg would look poised atop a shiny pink stiletto. But again I revert back to my safe and stable love affair – navy. I’m picturing black skinny’s, black tee, black boots, black leather jacket, and Diego stealing the show in navy.   I was never a Diego bucket bag girl before, I always preferred the blue PS1, but doesn’t that leather look divine?

collage: carolinesmode


26 May

Peony Lim street stylepeony lim hair

Quite possibly the best head o’hair I’ve seen in a long time. Possibly ever. No messy topknots here, just long perfect sultry curls. Oh yeah and Miss Peony Lim also has killer fashion sense and a knack for picking perfect prints. In addition to my intense and unending jealousy for her hair, I also envy her lovely name – Peony Lim!
I already want to name my daughter Harley (after Harley Viera Newton) and now I’m adding Peony to the list. I’ll probably end up with a little fashionista family “Tavi, brush your teeth! Rumi, get ready for school! Bryanboy, pick up your socks!”

If you would like Peony Lim’s locks, and I’m sure you would, these are her favorite hair products:

  1. Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer 
  2. L’Oreal Techni.Art products (very strong professional level products)
  3. Babyliss Pro stylers (curling tongs and wavers, they get super hot!)
  4. Bumble and Bumble products (good for texture and shine)
  5. MOP hairsprays (they are all natural)
And here is a post on how she cares for her hair.




25 May
what i wore blue blazer t by alexander wang hmong leather

what i wore blue blazer t by alexander wang hmong
what i wore blue blazer t by alexander wang burberry boots leather

what i wore blue blazer t by alexander wang

Just stumbled upon these photos (taken pre-haircut). I don’t wear this blazer nearly as much as I should! It seems like such a simple basic but every time I reach for it in the closet the color scares me off a little bit. Is a casual Indian dinner the right time for a bright blue blazer? How about a movie? Or grocery shopping? Clearly I just need to get over this and wear the blazer. So on this day I embraced the boldness, go bold or go home. Neon yellow! Turquoise bracelet! But not without the comfy familiarity of my trusty leather pants.

I was about to happily pronounce “Happy weekend everybody!” but then I realized it’s Wednesday. (Nothing worse than mistakenly thinking it’s Friday) So, reluctantly, happy Wednesday everybody.

blazer thrifted, Bondi markets
shirt T by Alexander Wang
pants Bardot
bag Etsy
jewelry mostly thrifted
boots … one of those black-out purchases I make
Do you ever have shopping black-outs? Where you buy something you really shouldn’t (another pair of black ankle boots) and then can’t even remember doing it the next day – is it just me?


24 May

hermes scarf vans shoeshermes scarf vans shoes 1hermes scarf vans shoes 2hermes scarf vans shoes 3

Sometimes I like a dress but not the print, or like the print but not the dress. Solution? Ask the company to simply make your perfect dress in your perfect print – problem solved. In the world of Robert Verdi, you just ask Vans to make their signature shoe out of your favorite Hermes scarves and that way you will never have to suffer the embarrassment of walking into a room to discover that you are accidental shoe twins with someone else. Luckyduck.

Perhaps if we kick up a collective fuss Vans will start reproducing these (or an equally fabulous print) for the masses!

Who’s with me???


23 May

READY TO WEAR ROOM LIVING ETC paint & paper bedroom
READY TO WEAR ROOM LIVING ETC Tiffany Locks Collection  1

My bedroom in my family’s home is actually painted this color! My childhood bedframe is the focus of the room, an ornate wooden frame that I painted a glossy black which really pops against the paint. Sigh, I miss home! Can you tell?
I had a lot of fun making this summery set, stripes are a year round favorite of mine so this room was just screaming to be used as a Ready to Wear Room! I’d wear this to a summer BBQ by the pool or even shopping with the girls. And because the wall color of this room reminded me of the classic Tiffany blue, I’d top the look off with a stack of bracelet chains from the Tiffany Locks collection. I’ve seen so many fabulous wrist statements lately that I’m craving a thick stack of gold and silver bracelets with everything from beachwear to a suit. In fact I’d go so far as to say a look is not complete if your wrists are naked! 

xoxo Cristina

sources: Living Etc, Topshop, Asos, Netaporter


20 May

Just a little inspiration for exactly how I’d like to look this weekend. Maybe short hair isn’t so bad. Happy Friday all!

xoxo Cristina