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GWEN STEFANI. She’s still got it

1 Oct


Perfect top knot!


My first. ever. CD.

No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom was my first ever CD and is without a doubt (no pun intended) still in my top 5 favorite albums of all time. Gwen Stefani instilled in me a love for hot pink and fashion and blue hair and bindis and the signature lip from a young, young age. Who would have guessed that a childhood idol would continue to inspire me for decades to come? After No Doubt, Gwen went on to explore Japanese fashion, and if you know me you know my favorite magazines are Japanese (Vivi’s my fav!). Then made a name for herself as a well-respected designer. All the while, staying true to her personal aesthetic. In some ways her style hasn’t changed at all since the beginning, have you seen her on the cover of Marie Claire baring her midriff? That picture could have been taken 10 years ago. Her unmistakable taste has held strong no matter who or what is popular at the time.

Tragic Kingdom came out in 1995, and 17 years later she still never ceases to inspire me. Needless to say, I gave the new No Doubt album an excited listen when it came out – and she’s still got it. Settle Down, Looking Hot, and Sparkle are all excellent. Can’t wait to see what miss Stefani does next.

xo Cristina




25 Sep


I first fell truly madly deeply in love with fashion through magazines. Glossy pages, awe-inspiring editorials, jaw-droppingly gorgeous models. It’s a deep and unending love. Then there came blogs, with their pedestrian perspective and daily content right at your fingertips. I love them too. My favorite thing ever though? A combination of the two. My favorite thing ever is when magazines shoot realistic editorials, like a day in the life of a ridiculously stylish individual who happens to look like a model. Basically this editorial. 
This, dear readers, is my favorite editorial of all time. No matter how many new magazines I read, no matter how many phases my style goes through, no matter how many trends come and go, this editorial is the one I come back to time and time again. It might be because I’d wear every single look, it might be the menswear-inspired sensibility (imagine sharing clothes with him!), the timeless palette of black, grey, and army green, or it could just be that Adriana Lima is a babe and a half. You’ll notice the arm partiescamo printbaseball caps, and sneakers – all topics I’ve since blogged about. Whatever it is, it has captivated me for 9 years and counting. 
Yes! 9 Years! This editorial is from the September Issue of Elle, 2003 (don’t believe me? just check out the flip phone he has around his neck!). And this isn’t the first time it has appeared here on Fuji Files. I posted it before and chances are I’ll post it again when I feel so inclined! 
Do you all have a favorite editorial of all time? I’d love to see it 🙂
xoxo Cristina



This weekend why not… No. 2

21 Sep

It’s almost fall, but not quite (the first day of fall is tomorrow!) I mean, it’s still 93 degrees outside. Veritable bikini weather! Which has me totally torn, of course I want to pull out the knits and boots (ohhh the boots) but I’m still clinging to the dog days of summer – bikinis, neon, beach hair. This weekend why not take a cue from Zippora here and wear BOTH! Neon, knits and bikinis, or even better: a neon knit bikini. That’s what I call transitional wear! So this weekend I’ll be searching the bikini sale racks, what will you be doing?

Ok, also can we talk about this? Her name is Zippora Seven. Zippora Seven! Is that a name? 
Can it be mine?
xo C



Have you seen it all before?

22 Aug

Hey dear reader. I recently stumbled across this editorial on Aussie babe Mandy’s blog Oracle Fox. I scrolled through the photos thinking to myself ‘oh I remember this editorial, white buttoned up collar, grey sweater, winged eyeliner, this must be from 2010? 2011?’

Wrong. Elle France August 2012. August 2012! This editorial is brand new and I could have sworn I’d seen it before. Ever have editorial deja vu? 
Now I’m conflicted here, because I love that Alexa Chung is focused, distinct and consistent in her personal style. If you were to cover up her head and show me a photo I could tell right away that it was her. And I love that about her. I hope to one day get to a point where someone could do the same for me. But part of me wonders, where’s the fun in that? Is it repetitive and does it even verge on boring? 

Have we seen it all before?
xoxo Cristina




4 Jul

Happy 4th of July y’all! I am happy to say that I am home in America on the 4th for the first time in years. And I’m back in Texas to boot! It makes me warm inside. So today I’ll be celebrating in a park with music and fireworks and hopefully lots of yummy finger foods! I hope you’re enjoying the day off wherever you are. And if you’re looking for a soundtrack to the day, try this awesome playlist by Jenn. It’s a rootsy earthy mix of our favorite songs that make us feel patriotic, nostalgic, and glad it’s summertime.

xoxoxo Cristina




28 Jun


This time 5 years ago I was ending a trip that irreversibly changed my life. I spent 5 months in Italy (Florence) and oh what I’d give for a quick trip to revisit all of the spots and taste all of the foods one more time! Italy was like that domino that tipped, setting off a chain of reactions that lead me to where I am today, and what a ride it’s been! I tend to keep my personal life quite separate to the blog, but the blog has been a part of my life for so long now that I can feel the lines starting to blur. So perhaps dear reader I’ll tell you my story one day very soon. Until then, let’s all take a quick daydreamy trip to Florence!

I think I’ll have a scoop of the frutti di bosco gelato, and you?
xoxo Cristina



20 May

I feel like this season, more than any other before, we all got into the Spring fever. It might have been the pastel color trend, or the floral fascination, or maybe it was the feminine frenzy of 50’s-inspired Prada (I honestly did not mean to take the alliteration that far).
Or maybe it’s because blogs have really embraced seasonal themes this year – did anyone else find that last New Year’s was sequined insanity? Anyway, florals and pastels were fun ‘n all, but I’m ready for SUMMER! Swimsuits and palm trees and cutoff shorts, here we come. Or if you’re Ashley Smith, summer might involve throwing a personal party in your 50’s-style motel room in which you try on a bunch of vintage party frocks and shimmy. That could work too.

Who else is ready for summer?! Especially after that video 😉
xo Cristina