21 Mar

catherine_mcneil Vogue Australia April 2012 4

I’m that girl who plagues her friends and boyfriend for weeks months before taking a hair risk. Sorry, but I am. I’ve had far too many hairdressers go rogue on my hair to feel at ease (that moment when a trim turns into 10 inches. gone). I’ve gone through my stages but ultimately I feel that I am a long hair girl at heart. You better believe it would take me a good year of pulling my hair back in a fake bob to work up the courage to this edgy chop, but I’m certainly picturing it now! I fear I don’t have the sharp features and killer jawline to carry this cut, I might end up resembling a 5 year old boy.. but a girl can dream! These hair cravings have turned into a bit of a regular Hair Envy series here on FF.

Maybe this is a healthy way to express my haircut urges that won’t drive my friends and family crazy!
You guys don’t mind, do you?
xo C
p.s. this editorial is crazy awesome right? Sydney’s Bondi beach looks stunning and I miss it like no other


2 Responses to “HAIR ENVY:: SHORT + EDGY”

  1. Amanda {} March 22, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    it's so EDGY! and looks so great on her!<

  2. Milena March 30, 2012 at 4:45 am #

    Catherine looks so much better with this hair cut rather than her long hair. Some girls just have all the luck when it comes to pulling off edgy looks like this. Milena

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