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13 Mar

When Miroslava Duma and her Russian-model-fashion-editor-friends speak, we listen. And this Fashion Week they were all about the “wood diamonds.” Mira’s bff Vika Gazinskaya designed the embellished sweatshirts and the lovely brocade printed skirts and pants to go with them. Vika even drew the prints herself! And those little pieces snap on and off so you can mix and match as you please.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ring up your editor best friend and say “hey, I diy’d my sweatshirt today. Wanna wear matching ones to Paris Fashion Week? Cool. Kbye.”

Here’s Vika talking about her winter collection (at 1:40)

xo C

STREET STYLE:: Caroline Issa + Flowers

4 Feb

CAROLINE ISSA street style tuileries paris spring12
CAROLINE ISSA street style tuileries paris ss12

Isn’t this dress GLORIOUS!? Just what I needed to snap me out of my default winter black mode. Well, that’s if we can even call this ‘winter.’ Today I wore a black tee, ripped jean shorts, and my wannabe Marant Dickers and was still hot, which sounds positively summer-like. But the point is, tomorrow I aspire to dress in a riot of color just like Caroline Issa. In addition to the blossoms on her dress, her shoes are blue her glasses are lime green and her clutch is coral! And that doesn’t even match but I love it anyway. And yet….. something tells me that if I wore blue, green, coral, and florals it wouldn’t work out quite as well for me.
Feeling inspired by color today.
xoxo Cristina


15 Aug

O I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for totally and completely vanishing into thin air for 2 weeks! My family came to visit me (for their 1st time) in Sydney and it was a whirlwind and total madness. I had planned to at least give you all a heads up before pulling my little vanishing act, but time got away from me and before I knew it I was picking them up at the airport and whisking them off to the Opera House and beyond. I managed to fit in the Harbour, the Rocks, the Botanical Gardens, a Harbour cruise, Taronga Zoo, the Blue Mountains, an AFL game, then up north to the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, a croc attack show, a koala sanctuary, and finally Brisbane where we said our sad goodbyes this morning.

Anyways, apologies for my unexplained absence and now here’s some street style eye candy in the form of  Parisian fashion design student, Anne-Catherine. With her perfect hair and fun personal style. She’s a vision, truly.


3 Jul

Paris Men’s Fashion Week appears to be inspiring Parisian women to don some menswear. And I’m really digging it. I was so excited when I found my Ralph Lauren blazer with golden crest but now that I’ve seen this, what I really need is a rowing jacket! But I imagine they’re slightly harder to come by.


29 May
This kid cracks me up… And infuriates me. He’s at once both a scruffy kid and more stylish than me at the same time. Stefano Pilati presents the YSL Spring Men’s collection in this short film, shot by French actor/writer/director Samuel Benchetrit and starring Benchetrit’s 11-year-old son, Jules. Infuriatingly stylin’ Parisian kid Jules.


26 May

Excuse me while my mind wanders off to Paris. Take a look at these photos, then I’ll meet you there in 5.

Paris Apartment C’est Tres Magnifique

23 May
If you’re a French set designer and artistic director then yes, I suppose your Parisian apartment would have to be this cool. And that is indeed the case for Jean-Christophe Aumas.