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29 Feb

We all know the pains of taking a successful jumping photo. The camera ALWAYS captures you landing, or before you’ve left the ground. It doesn’t help that I have a vertical leap of 1 inch. It always takes at least 10 attempts, and in the event that I take a successful jumping photo, my shoulders are inevitably somewhere up near my ears and my face looks like I’ve just been electrocuted. So imagine my admiration for Natsumi Hayashi and her levitating self portraits, taken with a 10 second self timer and a tripod. It’s all in the peaceful expression and her relaxed limbs. But I prefer to imagine Natsumi floating around Japan, floating onto the train and floating down the street. Supremely inspiring photos, and you better believe I’m going to be trying to take some more relaxed jumping photos, how bout you?

For more levitating portraits, check out Natsumi’s blog Yowayowa Diary.
xoxo Cristina


I just need some more color

14 Oct

Marley Kate photography


7 Oct

Natalie Portman by Hedi Slimane

pure as the

24 Sep