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27 Apr

 Typically I fall for teeny tiny jewelry. The more obscure the better. An itsy bitsy charm on an almost invisible chain is my ideal accessory. But these layered necklaces by Kei on Etsy may be taking the lead. Add these to the Spring Staples list!

xoxo Cristina



30 Aug
I’m not sure when it happened, or how, but somewhere along the way I developed a serious addiction to black ankle boots (for proof see here). Particularly black ankle boots with a buckle or two and a little something extra going on. My Chloe Sussan boot-a-likes are probably my most worn shoe of all time, and my Sam Edelman Zoe’s are definitely my most prized. But I can already tell that this boot, with its buckle detailing and head-turning cut outs, is a prime candidate for most worn and most prized boot of 2013. 
I say 2013 because it is only available for pre-order, and won’t ship until NOVEMBER 26!?! What a tease. To put these boots just out of reach. I suppose the fact that they won’t be available until November gives us plenty of time to deliberate on the $195 price tag and the practicality of wearing boots with bits missing. How would they look with pants? And it would make for very awkward sock situations…
xoxo Cristina



WEEKEND WARS:: Working Weekend

18 May


Can you believe it’s already Friday? Has it already been whole a week since I packed up and got on the road for my lil trip? I have no such plans this weekend, in fact quite the opposite. I’m working! Don’t get me wrong I have an awesome new job and I’m happy to do it, so I put together a little look at what I’d like to be wearing. You can also interpret this post as basically everything on my wish list right now. Literally, I have a Pinterest board called “Wish List” and all of these are on it. The boyfriend jeans have been on that list for a long time, and I’m starting to think it’s about time I own a pair of jeans that is not skinny. But I still have a slight hang up about paying lots of money for ripped clothing. Ah well, it’ll probably happen sooner or later.

1. shirt TOPSHOP / 2. notebook & pen NEEDSUPPLY / 3. sunnies TOPSHOP / 4. scarf METROPARK / 5. earrings MADRONA STUDIO / 6. bag ZARA / 7. shoes JCREW / 8. jeans ZARA
Happy Friday!
xoxo Cristina



7 Apr

Leandra the Repeller with the Dannijo sistas. Can I be your sister too?
My latest obsession, the eyeball-centric collection of jewels produced by Leandra the Man Repeller and the Dannijo sisters. 

“…this collection initially meant to be a salute to alien life on (and off, mostly off) earth. We planned to center it around planets, and aliens, and astronauts and eyeballs. As it happened, the eyeballs were cooler than most anything else we’d conjured up and so we went with the eyes, became spies, and ran.” 

I’m intrigued with the planets-aliens-astronauts inspiration, and would LOVE to see the sketches and prototypes that didn’t make the cut. Just imagine!

xo Cristina


10 Feb

TNT-5DAYS10_112537698914Genevieve Jones Safety Pin EarringsGenevieve Jones Safety Pin Earrings 

            I don’t really change my earrings much. I wear them continuously until I get bored. These Genevieve Jones safety pins are a definite staple. Many of my most stylish girlfriends wear them. I typically do a small gold one and then one larger one with a couple black or white diamonds. I like wearing earrings in just one ear—it feels a bit punk rock.
                                                                              ELISABETH VON THURN UND TAXIS FOR VOGUE.COM

Glittery Bags are NOT just for Christmas

22 Dec
Lancaster Purse Disco handbag GREEN Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.12.58 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.17.08 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.10.42 PMLancaster Purse Disco handbag

You guessed it. I want this for Christmas. But can I wear a glittery green bag year round? Can I wear a glittery green bag to the grocery store? Undecided. As I’ve said before, when making purchase decisions I do my research. How do other girls wear it? How does it look in real life (as opposed to the product photographs on the web shop). Below you’ll find Betty, of the impossibly cool blog leblogdebetty. You’ll see that the bag is actually a lot smaller than you (well I) expected. I think that makes the quantity of bling palatable for day. Don’t you? It’s settled then. Green glittery bag functions night and day Christmas and non-Christmas. Now onto price, and can us non-Parisians even acquire the Lancaster Paris bag??? YES! Thanks to Nasty Gal, who I’m pretty sure read my mind because they now have the “disco” bag in both blue and green in their New Arrivals. They’re $178 with free shipping… I’ll have to mull over that number a bit. And ponder possible outfit combinations. But consider this a Christmas wish.

Leblogdebetty Lancaster Disco Purse Street Style6326102220_f71cbb4139_o

What do you think? Is it too much glitter for a daily purse?
(Is there even such thing as too much glitter?)
xoxo Cristina



22 Mar
I’ve just come to the realization that I don’t have enough green bottoms in my wardrobe – or any! Obviously the formula is:
white top 
green bottom 
brown shoes
= style
You can play around with it, white fur/collared shirt/tee with green palazzo pants/maxi/pencil skirt.
But stick to the formula and you can’t go wrong!
source:, zara, stockholmstreetstyle