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9 Aug

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get the look interiors bathroom

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INTERIORS:: Kelly green + Black + White

6 Apr

Currently obsessed with two things:
1. The above color combination
2. Honey almond yogurt
And while I can’t share this delicious tub of yogurt with you (it’s halfway gone anyway) I can share these beautiful rooms. (And the yogurt can be found at Harris Farms!)
You can’t go wrong with the color combination of kelly green, black, and white. Every room looks modern, classic, and fresh when dressed up in these hues. And the colors seem to accentuate everything in the room, for example the silhouette of the headboard, the lines of the chair backs, and the graphic look of the tiles. Perfection!
source: southofmarket

INTERIORS:: Mirror Mirrors

15 Feb
I’ve posted a couple of these pictures before.. how could I NOT!? They’re just. so. good.
One mirror is so 2010. 

Last but not least, this boutique hotel designed by Maison Martin Margiela got the mirrors juuuust right.


16 Oct
My dream bathroom has always contained (in my head) an antique ladder to serve as my towel rack. My ebay keyword searches have proven unsuccessful so far, but this photo is just the encouragement I need to keep looking.

Note to self: black & white photos look great framed in bathrooms

So serene
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4 Aug
In love with this white house and all of its colorful accessories. Every room is brilliant.
The blue & green tableware!
Love that runner in the bathroom
Colorful yet relaxing


7 Jul

Some of you commented in the post below on that awesome artwork over the mantel. I thought it’d be worthwhile to post a bit more on the artist and homeowner, who happen to be one in the same.
This is the home of Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol, a designer duo who flip properties using salvaged architectural elements. Karol designed the artwork over their vintage fireplace. So you’ll notice hundred year old architectural elements mixed in with new artworks throughout the home, most notably in the beautiful wooden pieces in each room. And you know I love tree trunk furniture.

source: nymag


24 Jun
I’m swooning over the use of color in this apartment. It’s immediately obvious from the first photo that the use of color is integral to the look of this interior. But beyond the bright accents, I feel color is used effectively to dictate the different purposes of each room. Fun bright colors in the entertaining areas of the kitchen and living room; and soothing neutrals in the bedroom and bath. 
Take your time scrolling through these because there’s so much care in the details!