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BEAUTY FILES:: Side Braid Hair Tutorial

14 Jun

So this is kind of exciting, it’s my very first hair tutorial on YouTube! Let’s be clear I don’t presume to be as unhumanly perfect as Miranda Kerr, just that I really liked her side braid (which gives the appearance of a half shaved head) at the punk Met Gala.

Pssst I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes (as if there were actually scenes) secret: I totally don’t know how to French braid. I had to muddle my way through it while filming this and I’m really quite proud of the outcome!

Could you tell?


Spring & Summer Makeup

13 May

I’ve been branching out with lip color this year, mostly hot pinks and reds and just recently a fun orange. But these are just two makeup looks I’m wanting to try out this spring and summer. The berry-stained lips look like they might take a bit of blending skills, and the neon eyeliner will take a steady hand, but nothing a few YouTube tutorials and practice sessions can’t fix!
Any new makeup trends you’re gonna try this spring?
xo Cristina




28 Aug
I’ve always been a bunhead. I did ballet for 16 years, plus my hair has always been twice as thick as everyone else’s – so buns were the most practical and effective way to do my hair! I never quite grew out of this quick fix (as in, I wear one almost every day) so isn’t it lucky that buns are totally en vogue right now? Of course they’ve had a fresh makeover (right on top of the head & a looser twist) and a new name, the top knot. It took me a while to adjust to having my hair up so high on the head, and not quite so tight, but this video is a really easy step-by-step tutorial to get the updated bun!
I’m trying to break my bun habit but what with all of the models-off-duty sporting this ‘do I’m finding it even more difficult than before. Perhaps I should just cut it all off 😉
xoxo Cristina



5 Jul

lipstick NARS / eyeliner Urban Decay

I may not be an editor or a designer (I spy Alber Elbaz), and I may not have been seated in the front row of Raf Simons’ debut with Christian Dior, but I sure felt like it! The coverage I gathered via twitter and instagram during the show was instant, detailed, and high-res enough for me to experience it all as it happened. Isn’t technology awe-inspiring? Yes. And so are those shoes. They’re like grown-up replicas of the tiny pink shoes I used to put on my Barbies. But better.

And as for the makeup. I will tell you right now that it is unlikely that I will actually step foot outside of my house with hot pink eyeliner and hot red lips tomorrow, but I might play with the idea in the privacy of my own room. I have found that the color pink should generally be kept away from my eye, but I do think it looks smashing on the runway! And I might consider trying it in a more subdued purple 😉 How bout you?

Would you wear this makeup look in public?
xx Cristina




17 May


When I first saw these pastel balls at CVS, they piqued my interest. You know we’re all pastel-crazed this Spring so anything in mint or lavender is pretty much a gimme. At $3.79, I bought one. Now, what are they? EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, is 95% organic, 100% natural, paraben and petrolatum free lip balm. I don’t always look for organic products but I figure something that I put on my mouth should probably be safe. As for the packaging, I can’t fault it! It took me a couple tries to figure out that the tops screw off (embarrassing? maybe) but once you get that down it’s a lot of fun to apply lip balm in a new way! It’s like having a brand new toy and wanting to play with it all the time. Sure, it’s a little gimmicky, but anything that will convince me to hydrate my lips more often is a great thing. If you’re not into the ball, it also comes in a stick. So far, my lips are smooth and soft, success! Prior to this I was a Burt’s Bees addict, but I actually think my lips are smoother now than ever before (that could be because I’ve been using it so often). I found mine at CVS but you can get them on the EOS website as well. I chose the flavor Summer Fruit, which is delish, but I’m reeeally wanting to try the lemon drop and the sweet mint!

I’m trying to enforce a rule, I can’t buy a new one until I finish my first one. Just one more reason to use it all the time!
xo Cristina




9 May


 I wonder, do boys anticipate the Super Bowl the way we anticipate the Met Gala?? I’d say that compared to last year, I was missing the color at this Met Gala! Where were the gasp-inducing gowns? I felt that things were a bit understated and there were a few too many short dresses for my liking. There are so many other events to go short and casual to, why not dial it up for this one? I did however fall for the makeup! Camilla Belle and Kate Bosworth in particular stunned in their dark lips and perfectly shaped brows. Even though we’re coming up on summer, I’m dying to try a dark lipstick like Mac’s Rebel or Tarte’s Zen.
Who were your Met Gala favorites?
xoxo Cristina





1 May

Now that we’ve got our coveted beach waves, it’s time for step two in the summer bombshell transformation. I personally prefer a no-makeup makeup look. Natural and pretty. Nothing too severe. Plus I find that even a small amount of makeup can overwhelm my small features. Basically what I’m trying to say here is, I do not rock the smoky eye. My eyes get lost in the dark shadows and thick black eyeliner! So I rejoiced at this makeup tutorial, a wash of bronze shadow and a smudge of kohl eyeliner is definitely going to be my summer go-to. And when I’m feeling especially daring? A hot pink lip stain! They used Nars eyeshadow in Galapagos, and I love the natural smoky color it gives. I’m pretty sure a number of colors in the Naked Palette would do the trick (which I already have)… but I still want the Nars anyway!

What’s your favorite summer makeup look?