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26 Oct
Lampshade head by Alexander McQueen

Tacky tourist at Betsey Johnson

The Kaiser himself, at Chanel

Still struggling for last minute Halloween costume ideas? Well I went to the Spirit Halloween store last night and let me tell you, it was not hot. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that does not involve a corset or fishnets this year, why not look to the runways? I sifted through a few of the more theatrical shows and found these, but there’s so much more inspiration to be found! Better yet, these costumes don’t require a trip to the Halloween store.

1. Put a lampshade on your head (or a giant visor for that matter) your most extravagant dress (yunno the one you never get to wear!) and be an Alexander McQueen model

2. Don all your leopard, too-tight clothing, an outrageous hat, and too much makeup. Bring a rolling luggage and go as a tacky tourist.

3. You could always pull a Roberto Cavalli and go as Karl Lagerfeld! A black blazer, white button up, a tie, some white hair spray paint on your ponytail, and sunglasses should do the trick.

Now for the big question, what are YOU gonna be for Halloween!?!
xoxo Cristina




23 Jul
both available at fashionology                                                                 

 I’m a small necklace girl. I wear a couple of itsy bitsy pendants on teensy weensy chains every day – the smaller the better! But somehow I’m finding myself drawn to these giant jagged shark tooth necklaces by Givenchy. Not enough to sink my rent into one (though even if I was, these things are somehow sold out!) so these lookalikes from fashionology are looking very attractive to my pocketbook right now. The white shark tooth is a little bit the souvenir you’d beg your mom for at the natural science museum gift shop when you were 7 and insist that you’ll wear it everyday. But both are sure to add a little edge (heh heh, get it?) to an outfit this summer. I’m picturing beachside drinks with a long white maxi dress and this around my neck.

Would you buy a shark tooth necklace for $950?
How bout for $42?
xoxo Cristina



5 Jul

lipstick NARS / eyeliner Urban Decay

I may not be an editor or a designer (I spy Alber Elbaz), and I may not have been seated in the front row of Raf Simons’ debut with Christian Dior, but I sure felt like it! The coverage I gathered via twitter and instagram during the show was instant, detailed, and high-res enough for me to experience it all as it happened. Isn’t technology awe-inspiring? Yes. And so are those shoes. They’re like grown-up replicas of the tiny pink shoes I used to put on my Barbies. But better.

And as for the makeup. I will tell you right now that it is unlikely that I will actually step foot outside of my house with hot pink eyeliner and hot red lips tomorrow, but I might play with the idea in the privacy of my own room. I have found that the color pink should generally be kept away from my eye, but I do think it looks smashing on the runway! And I might consider trying it in a more subdued purple 😉 How bout you?

Would you wear this makeup look in public?
xx Cristina




18 Jun


Prints Prints Prints. I’m loving them right now! Yunno what else I’m loving? The WEARABILITY of the Resort season. Now as I type this I see that wearability is underscored with a red dotted line, meaning it is not a word. But it should be because it totally works in this context. Of course we need couture to set our imaginations on fire but Resort is like the basics. Which we all need! Not that basics need to be solid or boring, I mean check out these prints!

Now, how ridiculously ridiculous are those leather overalls?
Someone with far more guts than me needs to rock those.

xoxo Cristina




12 Mar

Wouldn’t you love to do your groceries in Prabal Gurung’s purple paint pants? With the riot of pastels and neons happening at the moment, I felt like taking a moment to appreciate a jewel tone. Remember jewel tones? Rich, deep, saturated, colors like amethyst and emerald. I miss them!

What are your favorite colors at the moment?
xo C


1 Mar

We’ve all seen tight leather leggings, they’re a staple of Victoria’s Secret models (like Rosie!) and I even sport my own all the time — not that I’m comparing myself to a Victoria’s Secret model. But one look I haven’t yet tried is the looser leather trouser. There’s so much more material to be reckoned with, it’s a lotta look! I wasn’t sure how exactly I would wear them so I checked out the runways for inspiration. If you look closely at all of these runway looks you’ll see that there’s nothing skintight about any of them, on top and bottom. Loose-fitting sweaters, jackets, and blouses are paired with simple heels. I don’t know that I have the guts to try this look just yet, but I’m definitely fantasy-styling outfits in my head.

I’m loving the idea of having big roomy pockets that I can actually stick my hands in, something skinny jeans can’t offer!

xo C



24 Feb

Here’s a little more of our Color of the Week, PLUS those purple paint pants I love so much all courtesy of Prabal Gurung Spring 2012. Yea, Spring. Despite the fact that it is currently Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Week. To be honest I find it all so overwhelming! I was actually in New York last fashion week and did find myself at Lincoln Center (to attend Romeo and Juliet by the NYCBallet on Valentine’s Day! Swoon!) but I personally prefer to observe the fashion week frenzy from the comfort of my own Mac with a stack of magazines and a cup of tea. And even that can be overwhelming with so much Twitter/ coverage. So I’ve retreated back to Spring 2012, which I know and love. I just need some time to get to know the new collections, maybe take them out for a bite to eat, a movie. Yunno before I feel comfortable with them and build that familiarity. Yunno what I mean?

xo Cristina