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28 Aug
I’ve always been a bunhead. I did ballet for 16 years, plus my hair has always been twice as thick as everyone else’s – so buns were the most practical and effective way to do my hair! I never quite grew out of this quick fix (as in, I wear one almost every day) so isn’t it lucky that buns are totally en vogue right now? Of course they’ve had a fresh makeover (right on top of the head & a looser twist) and a new name, the top knot. It took me a while to adjust to having my hair up so high on the head, and not quite so tight, but this video is a really easy step-by-step tutorial to get the updated bun!
I’m trying to break my bun habit but what with all of the models-off-duty sporting this ‘do I’m finding it even more difficult than before. Perhaps I should just cut it all off 😉
xoxo Cristina



30 Dec

Nicole Richie Street Style hair bangs
It’s here. Again. That craving for a haircut and style that are incompatible with my hair and always will be (read: thick and curly). It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taken a Nicole Richie photo into the salon and said “I want this.” Her fringe is a fabulous accessory and ups the chic factor in every one of her looks. But for me they have more of a 5th grader affect. I have done bangs before, and I rued them every day that I had them. But now that they’re finally grown out, I kinda want them back! It’s reading leblogdebetty, gets me every time. In fact I tweeted about it and Betty favorited my tweet! Eep! I’ve even started a Pinterest board called Bangs… I know. I’ve got it bad.

xo C
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