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3 Aug

When I moved from Australia to Austin last year all I brought with me was 2 (ok and most of my boyfriend’s) suitcases. This involved a major cull of my wardrobe and everything I owned, and also resulted in my moving into a very, very empty apartment in Austin. Starting from scratch has been a lot of work and also VERY liberating! I’m still living with just the basics and a pretty bare closet and I’m absolutely loving it.

Which brings me to the topic of this post, the lovely apartment of Frances Kwon from Pinkhorrorshow! Her New York apartment is clean, uncluttered, and just the sort of space I’d like mine to eventually resemble. Luckily we already have a couple of the same pieces (like the Celine-inspired skateboards!) and obviously share love of blue velvet and a stripe addiction.

My goal is to really minimize what I bring into my apartment – just the necessities and pieces I really love – not “oh that’s a good deal, I better buy that.” Yunno what I mean? It’s definitely a work in progress and I hope to post a few photos on here once I get going!






7 Apr

Leandra the Repeller with the Dannijo sistas. Can I be your sister too?
My latest obsession, the eyeball-centric collection of jewels produced by Leandra the Man Repeller and the Dannijo sisters. 

“…this collection initially meant to be a salute to alien life on (and off, mostly off) earth. We planned to center it around planets, and aliens, and astronauts and eyeballs. As it happened, the eyeballs were cooler than most anything else we’d conjured up and so we went with the eyes, became spies, and ran.” 

I’m intrigued with the planets-aliens-astronauts inspiration, and would LOVE to see the sketches and prototypes that didn’t make the cut. Just imagine!

xo Cristina


21 Mar
jane aldridge seaofshoes apartment interior design
This is what my first apartment looked like too. . .

jane aldridge seaofshoes apartment interior design jane aldridge seaofshoes apartment interior design 1jane aldridge seaofshoes apartment interior design 2jane aldridge seaofshoes apartment interior design 3

Jane from SeaofShoes has moved! No not domain names. Nothing that serious. She’s just moved into a new apartment, and has been generous enough to share a few peeks with us on her blog. You can see definite influences from her mother’s design genius at play in here, but like with all things she has injected her own taste into the space (like her white porcelain cat, Gish). Also, I had a slap-my-forehead moment today when I realized that Jane should have been in my Little Mermaid hair post! In fact she went bright red before either of the other girls, so she really deserved the top spot. Alas, I think I’ll have to do another Ariel hair feature and next time Taylor Tomasi will have to play a role too.

xo C


10 Nov

fashiontoast rumi neely iphone case rabbit ears

Fan girl moment:
Blogger confession, Rumi Neely was the first blogger I fell in love with over 4 years ago. When 90% of her outfits consisted of cut off jean shorts. She also introduced me to a love for persimmon-colored high heeled Docs (if anyone can do it, Rumi can).
Fast forward 4 years. 
I have been carrying around this iphone case with two huge rabbit ears I found on Amazon for 3 dollars that everyone has been teasing me about, my mom calls it a Playboy phone, my dad calls my ears antennae, my brother rolls his eyes. So imagine my glee when I noticed Rumi has my iphone case! 


xo C
source: fashiontoast


3 Nov

5 fall looks by afterdrk sabrina street style

I believe Sabrina is a kindred style spirit, a sartorial soulmate! 

One of the few girls whose style matches mine to a T. You may be growing tired of hearing this combo, but leather leggings, black ankle boots, layered outerwear and a scarf are something of a mantra here on FF. And it just so happens Sabrina understands my need for a great pair of shoes and a classic coat (with edgy accessories). Not to mention a shared affinity for solids. These are just Sabrina’s latest 5 looks on her blog afterDRK, but every look is a homerun in my book (how’s that for a segway?)…

If you dig Sabrina’s baseball cap in look #4, do check out my post on coco+kelley to see how other bloggers wear baseball caps and tips on how to Get the Look!



30 Aug

5 looks by pink horrorshow street style

My favorite looks are the simple white shirts and KILLER shoes.


25 Jul

5 looks by Alex Spencer street style

  1. gillet by Topshop, jacket by Ellery, singlet by Stone Cold Fox, belt by RVCA, pants by Gucci Homme, shoes by YSL, bag by Louis Vuitton, gold chain by Bunda Boutique, watch by T.W steel, ring by YSL
  2. scarf by H&M, tee shirt by Bonds, bra by Alexander Wang, pants by Amber & Thomas, shoes by Ellery
  3. cape by Zara, bodysuit by American Apparel, dress by Isabel Marant, boots by Tony Bianco, turquoise ring vintage
  4. jacket by Burberry, long johns by Mage, shoes by Balenciaga, gold chain by Bunda Boutique
  5. beanie by RVCA, singlet by Bassike, cashmere sweater by Bloomingdales, patent belt vintage, jeans by Topshop, booties by Tony Bianco, bag by Balenciaga

source: 4thandbleeker