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3 Mar

Fireplaces add value to a home. Just watch any real estate show, “ooh it has a fireplace.” But what do you do with it the 360 days of the year that do not warrant hot cocoa by a blazing fire (364 here in Texas)?

Geode. Boom. Solved it. 

xo C

INTERIORS:: Teal + Library

9 Jan

The blue teal walls of this room are divine. I find the color very moody but the touches of lime green cheer the rooms up, for example the faux bois carpet and the accent chairs. Also in love with the dual purpose library/dining room, everyone dreams of their very own library (Beauty & the Beast anyone?) but if you can’t spare a whole room just for books, then line the walls of another room with bookshelves to the same effect – like the family room, dining room, or guest room!
via thedecorista

INTERIORS:: Christmas + Branches

19 Dec

I’m out of town for Christmas this year so I didn’t bother with a Christmas tree, but this is a cute way to dress up a tree or branches you already have in the house! Wish I had thought of this before now (the day before I leave!)

INTERIORS:: Black & Blue (& white)

2 Dec

2 Things: Love the trunk coffee table in the first photo – of course I am partial as I too have a trunk coffee table. And 2nd, how stunning are those dining chairs? Who cares what the rest of the room looks like if you have those babies at your dining table? Right?

source: desiretoinspire


5 Jul
Ornate white fireplace, ceiling beams, and nicely curated bookshelves please. Thank you

source: nymag

Modern Fireplace

27 Apr


7 Oct