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Bringing it home, every other week

30 Aug


Did you know I Bring it Home every other week on CamilleStyles? If you don’t know, now you know – cue Notorious BIG. If you’re missing me you can always find me there every other Monday. I know things have been quiet, ok silent, on Fuji Files this month, due to the unprecedented amount of travel, work and fun – and a cool combination of the three – I’ve been having off of the blog. (Remember that blogging vs. living post?) I went to Newark to be with family, Dallas and Vegas for work, Washington State to escape the heat, and just in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one month – I also moved. 
As you can imagine I’m looking forward to the long weekend, but the 200mph pace continues. Tonight M arrives for a visit and we have a packed schedule which includes food – so much food – sun, water, and a blast from my giddy pre-teen past: the Backstreet Boys. I also have an exciting post that I’m working on coming very soon, with a brand spanking new contributor who you’ll be seeing more of on the blog. 
Have any fun plans for the holiday weekend? Anyone else seeing BSB?!
Bon week-end!
xo C



29 Mar

Many of us are enjoying a relaxing Friday holiday from work this Easter weekend…. 
But some of us are not.
If you’re sitting at work, reading all of your friends’ fun Facebook statuses and watching the clock tick tock til 5:00, here is some friendly Friday reading material! These are my latest two posts for my Bring it Home series on CamilleStyles! 
The first is how to camouflage your TV so that it isn’t the focal point of a room. Living in a studio apartment has made this design dilemma all the more poignant for me. I’m happy to say I’ve actually used all of these tips in my own home, and they really do work! Like seriously, I used to lose the remote all the time.
And the second is my ideas to dress up your desk at work, and why it’s important to do so. What do your coworkers think of your work space? Your boss? Does it inspire you? I will be perfectly honest my own workspace is SO not decorated… yet. But writing this post was my way to motivate myself/kick myself in the butt to take care of that.
I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, no matter where you are.
And be sure to let me know if you guys try any of my suggestions, it makes me feel REALLY good when these posts actually help people 🙂

xoxo Cristina



16 Oct
Hello all, hope you had a fun weekend! I have a little recap coming up for you with what I did (and what I wore), but until then I wanted to show you this little beauty. Don’t you wish you were eating turkey and mashed potatoes at that table right now? I know I do. Although the colors are black and white (and you wouldn’t typically think of those as warm and cozy!) I found myself totally inspired by the fall feel of this dinner party. 
I posted more on this party and my picks to get the look on CamilleStyles, if you’d like to see more click here!

xo Cristina




18 Sep


If you’ve totally fallen for bar carts, I recommend peeping my post on Camille Styles this week! I’m ditching the cart and going for an entire bookcase for your beverages. Store your prettiest bottles, tumblers, wine glasses, and carafes on a bookcase in the dining room, or just set it up for your next dinner party (or skip the dinner, just have a party!). 
For more bookcase ideas check out my post on!



Labor Day on CamilleStyles

3 Sep

Happy Labor Day y’all! I put together a little “farewell to summer” soiree for CamilleStyles to celebrate this last long weekend of summer – and now I feel like jumping right into it! Do you guys have any last minute summer activities you’re squeezing in? 
I know the season is quickly turning here on the blogosphere (everyone’s got their sights set on fall fashion) but you guys, it’s still 100+ degrees here in Texas… We’ve got a long way to go before knits are a viable outfit option. So while I may be blogging about boots, you should probably know I’m actually wearing a bikini and flip flops. And likely will be doing so for at least another month. Just sayin.
Happy long weekend!
xo Cristina 



15 Aug

I’ve been seeing this little gold tray everywhere! Ok, in 3 places. But still. 
1. I first saw it when putting together my gift guide for coco+kelley. 
2. Then it popped up again on Camille’s fab Game Night spread
3. And this week again it’s in Jenn’s Olympics-inspired layout!
Is this the universe telling me it’s time to make this baby mine?
My keys and sunglasses would look right at home resting in this chevron tray by the front door, or holding mail, jewelry, even hors d’oeuvres! 
Universe, I hear you loud and clear.
xoxo Cristina




7 Aug

Charlotte Ronson is just. so. cool. Everything about her is cool, and we all know I already have an uber crush on her sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones. (Oh and if you haven’t heard of Charlotte Ronson, perhaps you know her other sister Sam Ronson of Lindsay Lohan fame). So for this week’s Bring it Home post on CamilleStyles I was inspired by Charlotte’s dreamy bedroom and recreated the look! You can find all of the items here.
The problem is, now I NEED the tassel sheets. And the cat eye mask. And the vintage movie posters. Maybe I could settle for just the tassel pillow cases.
xo Cristina