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Have you seen it all before?

22 Aug

Hey dear reader. I recently stumbled across this editorial on Aussie babe Mandy’s blog Oracle Fox. I scrolled through the photos thinking to myself ‘oh I remember this editorial, white buttoned up collar, grey sweater, winged eyeliner, this must be from 2010? 2011?’

Wrong. Elle France August 2012. August 2012! This editorial is brand new and I could have sworn I’d seen it before. Ever have editorial deja vu? 
Now I’m conflicted here, because I love that Alexa Chung is focused, distinct and consistent in her personal style. If you were to cover up her head and show me a photo I could tell right away that it was her. And I love that about her. I hope to one day get to a point where someone could do the same for me. But part of me wonders, where’s the fun in that? Is it repetitive and does it even verge on boring? 

Have we seen it all before?
xoxo Cristina



My FIRST DIY FILE! Ombre Glitter Manicure

23 Dec
DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 1

Here’s my attempt at the ombre glitter manicure I swooned over on Alexa Chung. This also marks the very FIRST DIY File completed by yours truly! Usually I use DIY’s by other rockstar bloggers, but this time I dove in and gave it a try myself!
I used Essie’s Vanity Fairest nail polish as my basecoat. I chose a barely there base to let the glitter stand out, but I think bright colors could be a lot of fun too! My glitter coat was Sephora by OPI in Sparktacular (it was the closest I could find to Deborah Lippmann’s Birthday polish).

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 2

My first step was to cut and file my nails as best as I could to create that salon look. Then I added a couple of coats of the Essie light pink coat. (I had to ask my brother take the photo of me painting my nails, as I only have two hands! He rolled his eyes and obliged. Thanks Joey!)

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 3

Then I added the glitter JUST to the tips of my nails (photo on the left). After that dried, I added another layer of glitter, building up the coat at the tips and then bringing some glitter down towards the cuticles to create an ombre/fade effect (photo on the right).

DIY FILES: Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung 5

The last step was to add Essie’s top coat “No Chips Ahead” just to keep the glitter from chipping or flaking off. It’s my first time trying this top coat so we’ll see if it does the job!
DIY Ombre Glitter Manicure Alexa Chung

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen it coming. Oh! And if you all are on Twitter send me your Twitter names as I’d LOVE to follow you! It’s a fun way to continue the conversation on and off the blog, so please leave your names in a comment below and I’ll find and follow you!

xoxo Cristina



19 Oct

alexa chung ombre glitter manicure nails alexa chung ombre glitter sparkle manicure nails

Each of my nails has a different glitter nail polish on it right now. 
The result of seeing Alexa’s manicure and way too much time spent in the nail polish aisle yesterday.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any polishes with big chunky sparkles in it like these green ones, but the search continues! I’m considering usually actual glitter from the arts and crafts section with a bit of clear nail polish. Nails are the hottest new accessory, and as you can tell I’m really getting into it!
I want to try different base colors underneath, like white with gold glitter, or mint with silver glitter!
Now, how to get the gradual ombre effect?

Check out my latest post on how to wear Carine Roitfeld’s go-to piece, now up on coco+kelley!

xo C

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29 Jun

glastonbury 2011 alexa chung kate moss style

I’ll admit this is a bit of an Alexa fest, but let’s be honest, she is the queen of festivalwear. (Second only to Kate Moss who seems most at home in a muddy field). If you love Alexa’s white summery dress as much as I do, you might be excited to know it’s for sale on right NOW!
The question is, is Alexa’s influence over me powerful enough to cause a $70 purchase? 
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20 May

Just a little inspiration for exactly how I’d like to look this weekend. Maybe short hair isn’t so bad. Happy Friday all!

xoxo Cristina

SHOPPING LIST:: Alexa Chung + 3 strap flats

7 Apr

1. Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony 2. Jeffrey Campbell 3. Linda Farrow 4. Essie 5. Low Luv 6. Eddie Borgo 7. Givenchy
I’ve fallen…….. hard.
Today I fell for a pair of shoes that does not meet any of my usual criteria – they’re not black, towering, ankle height, or boots! In fact they’re none of the above. But somehow I discovered a gaping hole in my closet that can only be filled by red, 3-strap, flats. And then Alexa Chung went and sealed the deal (hers are Vivienne Westwood). Turns out all of my summer looks are not complete without a pair of red buckled flats.
So far I’ve only found one viable option, the Backpack flats by Jeffrey Campbell but they’re a little more than I wanted to pay. Tracy Reese has a great version too but they only come in black, not really what I wanted but they are on sale. So should I go with the black for half the price? They did look fantastic on Alexa. 
Which do you prefer – red or black?
My boyfriend doesn’t like them, but that is to be expected. They are pretty man repellant. Although my best friend doesn’t like them either, so is it just me?

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18 Sep

Alexa Chung perfection at the Mulberry S/S ’11 party. The Mulberry bag & flats are the quintessence of Alexa Chung.