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NEW Haircut + OOTD

29 Jul

I slipped this little bomb into the last post (did you notice?) but I thought I should probably do a proper post finally. “I got a haircut” feels like an understatement, but there you go. It had reached my belly button, the longest it has ever been in my life… to the shortest it has ever been in my life! I like to live in extremes, clearly.

To sum up this weekend: Friday night storm, Saturday afternoon markets, chasing the light for outfit photos as the sun set (see above), a chips and salsa overdose, Sunday morning run by the lake, followed by an eye-opening mezcal tasting, a quick photo shoot at my abode, and with my last bit of energy I managed to upload these photos.

It’s been a long week and I’m fresh out of words for you, but if you guys have any questions about the cut leave ’em in the comments and I’ll respond to them all when I’m feeling more chipper!

shirt Urban Outfitters / pants Zara / sneakers Zara / bag Zara / necklace Onecklace
I hope you had a superb weekend!
xoxo Cristina



Let’s Discuss:: Tips from the dressing room

26 Jul
All Zara
I used to be a buddy shopper. I used to enjoy require the company of a friend on my shopping excursions. I would seek the input of friends, store clerks, and passers-by if need be. I did not enjoy a trip to the stores unless I had a trusty confidant by my side. But things have changed. I am now… dun dun dun…  a solo shopper.

Nothing thrills me more than an impromptu trip to a vintage shop by myself or an after-work dressing room sesh. There are no outsider opinions to influence your personal taste, no coconspirators saying “get it! get it!” And you can spend as long as you well please picking through the sale section with a fine toothed comb or turning from side to side in front of a mirror, while your poor friend/boyfriend/mom waits impatiently.

That’s not to say that purchase decisions are any easier. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether you’re a small or a medium. Or whether that drapey top is fiercely edgy or swallowing you whole. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s the just flattering lights and magic slimming mirrors that make you want that dress. Or whether that seam is poorly positioned (ahem, Anne Hathaway, ahem).

For these scenarios, I enlist the help of a second opinion that never lies: a photograph. I snap a photo of myself in the mirror, and somehow all of the wrinkles, underthings, or bulges come to light. The shortcomings of the clothing seem magnified, and the urgency to buy them melts away. Next time you’re facing a dressing room crisis, I suggest you try a mirror selfie with your phone.

Selfie? Eek. I know. Just the thought sends shivers down my spine, but I never said you had to send them to anyone (although that can help, in a pinch) or post them on your blog (like I, somewhat embarrassingly, have done here). Take a selfie, study it with a discerning eye, and then delete it. Honestly, this has saved me many an ill-advised purchase.

For example, although I liked both of these shirts, neither of them made it home with me. (The black skirt and sandals were what I wore to work that day, but they happen to be Zara too). I couldn’t think of an occasion to rock a kimono shirt, and the white jacquard top, though smart in person, looked unflattering in the photo.

What are your dressing room tips?
How do you decide if a piece will come home with you?
xo Cristina

ps I got a haircut


DIY FILES:: How to Organize Your Clutch Purses

25 Jul

Clutches: American ApparelClare VivierPersifor, and K. Slademade

I often find that the best ideas are the simplest, most why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moments of brilliance. Those but of course lightning bolts that happen when you least expect it – like in the shower, or just as you’re falling asleep. My most compelling thesis arguments always happened mid-shower (quite inconvenient really, when you need to write them down on a piece of paper before you forget). But anyhoo, this is one of those ideas.
This idea comes courtesy of the oh so talented Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, who decided to start filing her clutches the way she sorts her mail: in an acrylic letter sorter. If you’re thinking “but my clutches don’t stand up by themselves” then Mackenzie’s got you covered, just slip a piece of cardboard into each clutch so that they hold their shape. (This is probably better for them anyway). I actually use this same method to make my tall boots stand up when I display them. 
She found the letter sorter at The Container Store. I think I could actually use one on my desk at work. The best part about this DIY, is that I’m now feeling super inspired to find simple, pretty ways to organize the rest of my home and workspace. What else could you display in a letter sorter? Pretty file folders? Wallets? Lipsticks? I hope this DIY has inspired you to organize one spot in your home or workspace too.
And if y’all haven’t visited Mackenzie’s boutique yet, go now! It’s just darling. 
xo Cristina


DIY Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves

1 Jul

Oh hey! Are you all super excited for this week’s summer holiday? 3. More. Days. And I’m extra lucky to have Friday off too. I’d say some hot summer lipstick and beachy hair is in order, wouldn’t you? Juuust in case you haven’t mixed yourself up some sea salt spray yet, I thought this tutorial might be appropriate. I can’t actually describe to you how easy this was. Water, (curl-friendly) gel, and sea salt. That’s it! Don’t believe me? Watch this…

In the video I sprayed it in on dry hair, but you could definitely apply this to damp, just-out-of-the-shower hair and it would give you light hold and good wave definition. The bombshell beachy wave thing is all about imperfect, voluminous waves so it’s important to use a product that doesn’t weigh your hair down or give you crunchy curls.

xoxo Cristina