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27 Apr

 Typically I fall for teeny tiny jewelry. The more obscure the better. An itsy bitsy charm on an almost invisible chain is my ideal accessory. But these layered necklaces by Kei on Etsy may be taking the lead. Add these to the Spring Staples list!

xoxo Cristina



7 Apr

Leandra the Repeller with the Dannijo sistas. Can I be your sister too?
My latest obsession, the eyeball-centric collection of jewels produced by Leandra the Man Repeller and the Dannijo sisters. 

“…this collection initially meant to be a salute to alien life on (and off, mostly off) earth. We planned to center it around planets, and aliens, and astronauts and eyeballs. As it happened, the eyeballs were cooler than most anything else we’d conjured up and so we went with the eyes, became spies, and ran.” 

I’m intrigued with the planets-aliens-astronauts inspiration, and would LOVE to see the sketches and prototypes that didn’t make the cut. Just imagine!

xo Cristina


10 Feb

TNT-5DAYS10_112537698914Genevieve Jones Safety Pin EarringsGenevieve Jones Safety Pin Earrings 

            I don’t really change my earrings much. I wear them continuously until I get bored. These Genevieve Jones safety pins are a definite staple. Many of my most stylish girlfriends wear them. I typically do a small gold one and then one larger one with a couple black or white diamonds. I like wearing earrings in just one ear—it feels a bit punk rock.
                                                                              ELISABETH VON THURN UND TAXIS FOR VOGUE.COM


5 Dec

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
edge of urge feather bar feather earrings 1

So the whole feather extension thing sort of passed me right by, and I had accepted that. But when I borrowed my friend M’s feather earring last weekend I caught the feather fever… bad. I’ve been searching Etsy high and low for the just the right one and have had no luck so far, until NOW. Introducing Edge of Urge’s FEATHER BAR! 

Yeah, Feather Bar. I just had to repeat it because it’s just that good. You could pick up one of their handmade ready-made pieces (all those cute ones above!).
 I personally am really digging the single earring look, so my advice would be to buy a pair of earrings and then gift one to your best bud for Christmas!

edge of urge feather bar feather earrings
SO much choice right? That’s not even all of it, there’s so much more on their website! It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and there’s too much on the menu (and it takes you 5 hours to order). Here is my potential earring, but I’m afraid to order just in case it’s not perfect.

my edge of urge feather earring bar
They’re a bit pricey but the really GREAT NEWS is that right now you can get  
50% off from Reserve29.

I know right? Go.

xo C


JEWELRY:: Rings + Twigs

7 Jan
I’m a sucker for stacked rings, and these beauties by Joanna Szkiela are particularly rad. I love jewelry with an organic feel, raw uncut stones, like something from nature was dipped in gold. Well Joanna you’ve got me all figured out! 

Reminds me of the wedding ring that belongs to Valerie’s mom from BleachBlack. And actually the girls at BleachBlack recreated the wedding ring and it’s now being sold at UrbanOutfitters so if you’re interested.. here!

WISHLIST:: Gold + Vertebrae

23 Dec
Last minute (last second) Christmas wish? This amahhzing necklace. If you’re really stumped, and want to give me something that I can wear with 100 different looks and will garner so much attention and love that I never take it off – then this is your bet. It’s Too good. Oyea – and too expensive. Oops!
source: bonadrag 

STREET STYLE:: Mystery 3 stone ring

6 Dec
I’m crazy over the three stone druzy ring in this photo, but I don’t know where it’s from! I’m on the hunt, any clues would be much appreciated!
source: amlul