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This weekend, why not…

14 Sep

Happy Friday dear readers! I hope you have a few fun things on your weekend to do list. If not, here are a couple suggestions to help you along:

1. Clip-In Bangs
Personally, I feel there is still a stigma around extensions, clip in bangs, and fake hair in general. Maybe it’s just in my head, but it took me a while to come around to the idea of wearing a wig. But last year I bit the bullet and invested in a set of clip in bangs, and I’m SO glad I did! I’ve had bangs before, and it was fun for a change. But you know what clip-ins save you? The excruciating pain of growing them out. If you’ve ever experienced this, then nuff said.

2. Bronzer
Like clip-in bangs, bronzer is another beauty product that I recently tried for the first time. How did I go without for so long? Believe me, I’ve been asking myself the same question. Ideal for contouring or an all over kiss from the sun, I use Hoola by Benefit. Seeing as it’s the first and only bronzer I’ve ever used, I don’t have enough to compare it to. I’ve hit pan on mine and I’m starting to get excited about my next bronzer purchase! Which should I try next?

3. Pink Lippy
Now this is one I haven’t yet tried, but I hear Mac’s Saint Germain is the pink lipstick. This sweet Barbie pink shade is much lighter than any lip color I own… all the more reason try it! But be sure to use a bronzer because such a light shade of pink has the potential to wash you out.

Do let me know if you try any of these this weekend, and I’d love to know 
what are your favorite bronzers?
xoxo Cristina




11 Mar

We’ve seen a few variations of the ombre lip where dark edges faded to a lighter center (Gucci, Miu Miu). I quite frankly was skeptical about the real world application of ombre lips. I feared looking like the girl whose lipliner was too dark or not filled in properly. And I know this look is not for everyone. However, this newer variation seen this Paris Fashion Week at Nina Ricci has me reconsidering ombre, with its bright red edges and rich berry center. To me it looks like their lips have been stained eating the juiciest of red cherries. And this version is much easier to master!

Step 1. Moisturize your lips with something like Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream
(or if you’re on a budget, my personal fav is Aquaphor!)
Step 2. Apply a bright red lipstick to the whole lip, I’ve chosen Mac’s classic Russian Red
Step 3. Using a makeup brush or fingers, dab a deep berry red like Mac Hang-Up just in the center of your lips, blending it into the lighter red
Let me know if any of you try this! I was thrilled to see Melody try out her own multicolor manicure – to great effect!
xoxo Cristina


24 Sep


“Italian men have two loves in their lives: women and cars.”
Miuccia combined everything sweet – roses and pleats and jewels, with the very literal inspiration of vintage cars. Skirts feature flames like those painted on old sports cars, the sunglasses look like car fenders and the shoes look like Matchbox stilettos. Any other designer and this is might be gimmicky, but no doubt Miuccia’s car creations will be EVERYWHERE this spring – editorials, Anna Dello Russo’s feet, everywhere. 
Question is, when Topshop starts selling car fender sunglasses, will we be buying them? Or will they look like we stole our little brothers’ Disney glasses?
xo C
source:, vogue

miu miu madness

25 Mar