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1 Mar

We’ve all seen tight leather leggings, they’re a staple of Victoria’s Secret models (like Rosie!) and I even sport my own all the time — not that I’m comparing myself to a Victoria’s Secret model. But one look I haven’t yet tried is the looser leather trouser. There’s so much more material to be reckoned with, it’s a lotta look! I wasn’t sure how exactly I would wear them so I checked out the runways for inspiration. If you look closely at all of these runway looks you’ll see that there’s nothing skintight about any of them, on top and bottom. Loose-fitting sweaters, jackets, and blouses are paired with simple heels. I don’t know that I have the guts to try this look just yet, but I’m definitely fantasy-styling outfits in my head.

I’m loving the idea of having big roomy pockets that I can actually stick my hands in, something skinny jeans can’t offer!

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25 Nov
Loose fitting. Waist band that sits well above the waist. Pilgrim-ish collar. Dark colors to camouflage food baby bump. This is my dream Thanksgiving dress.
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Proenza Schouler SS10

18 Nov

Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pochette

27 Oct