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20 Feb
msgm pre-fall 2012 knight cat

Can we all collectively breathe a sigh of relief that Knight Cat is back!? Her blog is one of those mainstays that never fails to get me inspired again when I’m in a rut. Her consistency is something I strive for here on Fuji Files. Take for example this collection by msgm! No, I had never heard of them before either, but now they’re certainly on my radar with those spiked stilettos, striped tuxedo pant and a dash of pattern-mixing. Zara would do well to check out this collection in styling their next lookbook, am I right?

xo Cristina



11 Feb

Balmain Pre-Fall 2012Balmain Pre-Fall 2012

If I wore a blazer as a dress with tights, I’m quite sure I would look like I left home without my pants on. But it was one of my favorite looks at Balmain! For those who prefer not to go pants-less, there were some beautiful wide leg trousers (including velvet!) and some long skirts that ended halfway between the knee and the ankle – my new favorite length.

Which is your favorite look?
xo C



12 Jan

Prabal Gurung Prefall 2012 RunwayPrabal Gurung Pre-fall 2012 Runway
I patiently clicked through the Pre-Fall collections one by one and gathered a back-to-basics approach from most. And that’s good, I guess. We all need basics. But basics don’t compel me to right-click-save. They don’t induce a pinterest board. And they certainly don’t keep me up at night in a cold sweat – as a few pairs of shoes have been known to do. Basics are good. That is all.
Which brings me to Prabal Gurung. Prabal’s Pre-Fall 2012 Collection feels relevant and utterly essential to my wardrobe in that way that basics do – leather shorts, collared shirt, flared skirt, all true blue basics. But still I feel a childlike magnetism to the kaleidoscopic prints, a curious excitement towards the socks & stilettos (do I dare?), and my trend radar’s spiking off the charts over the batty sunglasses. All set against a pale pink background that has me reconsidering my bedroom walls.

And if that’s not enough to awaken your fashion loins from basics boredom, just read what Prabal has to say about this collection, and the next:

“This is a really important season… And once it’s established, it’ll free me up for more exciting runway shows.”  – Prabal Gurung

Can’t. Wait.
xoxo Cristina