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26 Apr

I love a lookbook that I can apply to my own closet. At a glance you may see this lookbook and think “I could never wear a head-to-toe printed jumper.” But take a closer look! Metal-tipped collars are a fun way to add a small dose of edge to a look, this shirt and this sleeveless top are both subtle. Silk patterned shorts are an easy way to stay comfy in the heat and still look fierce, try these or these. Then there’s the most feminine shape of the season, the peplum! And the easiest breasiest way to stay covered up yet cool this summer, wide-legged trousers, these ones are glorious.

 Are you rocking any of these styles this summer?
xo Cristina



22 Mar

If my side part was this deep, and my eyeliner this winged, I would look.. silly. But I’m going to try it in the mirror later nonetheless. This is the new Karla Spetic collection featuring lots of pop art, leopard print, stripes, and a bright to-die-for yellow! This lookbook reminds me of this killer editorial from Vogue Australia, and appeals to the ladylike 50’s vibe that is really tugging at my heart strings of late. I bought a beautiful yellow sundress when thrifting last week, I think it had something to do with the fact that I was already wearing a polkadot sundress and wearing fuschia lipstick..
I was under the influence of my clothes!

Does this ever happen to you?
xo C




6 Mar

I know we talk all year about how badly we want to layer layer layer with coats and scarves and knits but… now all I want is springtime and floor-length florals. Is that so much to ask?

xo Cristina


STYLING GUIDE:: DSquared Pre-Fall 2012

23 Dec

DSquared is always spot on with their styling. Their collections are usually quite basic, not too cutting edge, but that works in our favor! I like to find similar pieces at Zara and use DSquared as a guide for styling, especially their Fall/Winter collections for layering. I’m also in love with the hair and makeup. Perfect for a holiday party, or even just to add a ladylike flair to your typical tee and jeans look. I’ll for sure be trying the eyeliner soon.

dsquared prefall 2012 On a separate note, I have a thing for Barbara Palvin. She’s just the most feminine beauty.

xo C

source: tfs



18 Nov

Zara lookbook November 2011 1 Zara lookbook November 2011 2 Zara lookbook November 2011 4 Zara lookbook November 2011 3

A little giddy over the latest Zara lookbook. Traces of Isabel Marant and Givenchy throughout. MUST HAVE the last outfit, in its entirety. Would it be inappropriate to wear that outfit as is? Would anyone notice? Or CARE?

I’m doing it.

I’m guest posting over at Bright Bold & Beautiful today, where I wrote about what I’m thankful for!

(Here’s a hint: it starts with a Z….)
xo Cristina


31 Aug

j.crew fall lookbook 2011

I know, it’s nearly impossible to follow the extraordinary color palette of this J.Crew lookbook, but there might be days when you don’t feel like putting on pink capris and an orange turtle neck, or a lemon pencil skirt. And for those days? We turn to Madewell.

madewell fall lookbook 2011 I realize it is over 100 degrees… 113 in my car to be exact! But I can’t help but yearn for layers when looking at these lookbooks. So far I’ve knitted a scarf and a snood and the end of summer is nowhere in sight (although temperatures did dip to 95 today).
 C’monnn fall! I’m so ready for red Doc Martens and striped sweaters. Or to dress things up, candy-colored trousers and striped sweaters.

Apparently I’m into striped sweaters at the mo. See how I mixed one with vintage florals over on  coco+kelley!

p.s. What do we think of Blogger’s new look? I think I like it..

source: madewell, jcrew


5 Jul

stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 2
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 1
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 4
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 5
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 6
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 10
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 11
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 12
stylestalker young hollywood lookbook 2011 8

Here it is in all its glory, the new style stalker collection – Young Hollywood. Inspired by classic Hollywood sirens with a dose of 90s grunge. Kind of Kathryn Hepburn meets Courtney Love. Sophia Loren meets childhood Drew Barrymore.

That lace dress makes the top of the wish list, followed closely by the rest of the collection.