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30 Apr

We did it dear readers! We reached 500 followers! The big five-oh-oh.
I may or may not have run up and down my stairs shrieking “yayyyyyy yayyyyyy yayyyyy” just now. When you start out with 3 readers and one is your boyfriend and another is yourself, you grow to cherish these milestones. To that third reader who started the journey with me, this one’s for you! To mark this wonderful occasion, I’ve updated the Fuji Files header! Not Abbey Lee in her McQueen lobster shoes, (she’s still up there and I don’t think I can ever part with her) but the tag line. After plenty of green tea-fueled late night blog-soul-searching I came up with a motto of sorts:

bright ideas to style your life 

It is my hope that you find a few bright ideas to style your life here, whether it be fashion, beauty, cooking, or decorating! And a big huge hug and a kiss to all of you for inspiring these bright ideas on your blogs and your comments and your tweets! Thank you for sharing in this with me!





27 Apr

My great fear when it comes to wearing open-toed shoes with tights is seeing that seam across my toes, old lady styles. Abstract artist Tauba Auerbach (pictured above) pulls it off with aplomb. I have a similar pair of shoes in pink… do I dare wear them with tights?

Do you wear tights & open-toed shoes?
xo Cristina




26 Apr

I love a lookbook that I can apply to my own closet. At a glance you may see this lookbook and think “I could never wear a head-to-toe printed jumper.” But take a closer look! Metal-tipped collars are a fun way to add a small dose of edge to a look, this shirt and this sleeveless top are both subtle. Silk patterned shorts are an easy way to stay comfy in the heat and still look fierce, try these or these. Then there’s the most feminine shape of the season, the peplum! And the easiest breasiest way to stay covered up yet cool this summer, wide-legged trousers, these ones are glorious.

 Are you rocking any of these styles this summer?
xo Cristina



24 Apr

My friend M is chopping all her hair off for Locks of Love (Saint M), so we’re brainstorming possible short hair cuts! I had so much fun putting this post together it has me considering a chop myself. But then I wouldn’t be able to do my beloved beach waves. Have you ever done a short ‘do? If so, I salute you! It takes a lotta courage to be totally independent of our long-haired safety blanket. I feel the short-hair urge about once a week, but in my experience the shorter my hair the more I look like a 5-year old boy. My mom’s words not mine. If I were to cut my hair today,  I’d take the Karla Deras route, who initially cut her hair into a short bob, then as she grew more comfortable with the new length took it a little shorter, and a little shorter, right up to the boy-length ‘do she’s sporting today. I like the idea of easing into it, because let’s face it, hair this short is a statement. If your hair is this short, the rest of you better look sharp too….. I just zoned out for 2 minutes imagining what my life might be like with Dianna Lunt’s hair, it was full of bold lipsticks, large accessories, and a boatload of confidence. Evidently life with short hair also consists of plenty of over the shoulder glances (as in most of these photos!). As Joan Juliet Buck once said for American Vogue:

“with short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. and you brush your teeth more often. short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. when it starts growing out a little and losing its style, you have to wear sunglasses until you can get it to the hairdresser. that’s why you need a variety. short hair makes you aware of subtraction as style. you can no longer wear puffed sleeves or ruffles; the neat is suddenly preferable to the fussy. you eye the tweezers instead of the blusher. what else can you take away? you can’t hide behind short hair… you may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare… but your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.” c.1988 (via the political quotidian) via the glamourai 

So would you ever go this short? If so, which of these cuts could you commit to?

xo Cristina



23 Apr

High on the successes of my strawberry pie, I decided to tackle the pastry du jour, macarons. You can bake a pie, you can make a macaron, right?

Wrong. Macarons are on a WHOLE other level, and you probably already knew this. I even knew this in the back of my head but I was filled with an inflated self-confidence following my pie so this is what happened. I bought a food processor (the Ninja is a little miracle worker, I highly recommend it. Plus it has an awesome name), I also bought myself a hand mixer, almonds, almond extract, food coloring (I went with pink on the outside and lavender on the inside!). One thing I did not buy: parchment paper. Parchment paper is what will keep your macarons from sticking to the pan, so mine stuck to the pan. They were near impossible to scrape off the pan still looking cute, but here is one example of a cute one! Now, I hesitate to connect these results with a recipe, because I really did not do it justice. But as you can see from Jess’s results, the fault was in my execution and not in the recipe. I skipped the orange zest and went with a buttercream filling (instead of marmalade). I also may or may not have added an extra egg white by accident. And my version of “folding” turns out to have been ALL wrong.

But having said all of that, these macaron-alikes were DELICIOUS. They tasted just right. I’ve had fancy store-bought macarons and yunno what? These were just as good. They just didn’t have that aesthetic appeal.. which let’s be honest is 90% of the attraction with these oh-so-cute pastel-colored morsels. Possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen on a plate, right?  I’m gonna work on that.

Get the recipe (with my alterations) after the jump!

Gluten-free recipe courtesy of Forgiving Martha:

2 ¼ cups confectioners’ sugar
2 cups almond flour (I used my Ninja food processor to grind the almonds into a fine powder)
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
5 egg whites, room temperature

1/2 teaspoon of almond extract
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°F. 
  2. Combine the confectioners’ sugar and almond flour in a medium bowl. If grinding your own nuts, combine nuts and a cup of confectioners’ sugar in the bowl of a food processor and grind until nuts are very fine and powdery.
  3. Beat the egg whites in the clean dry bowl of a stand mixer until they hold soft peaks. Slowly add the granulated sugar and beat until the mixture holds stiff peaks.
  4. Sift a third of the almond flour mixture into the meringue and fold gently to combine. Add zest and almond extract to the batter.  Sift in the remaining almond flour in two batches. Don’t overfold, but fully incorporate your ingredients.
  5. Spoon the mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a plain half-inch tip. 
  6. Pipe one-inch-sized mounds of batter onto baking sheets lined with nonstick liners (or parchment paper).
  7. Bake the macaroon for 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and raise the temperature to 375°F. Once the oven is up to temperature, put the pans back in the oven and bake for an additional 7 to 8 minutes, or lightly colored.
  8. Cool on a rack before filling.

See Step 4? I overfolded. But this is a fantastic recipe and while my technique could use some tweaking if I wanna make them cuter, the flavor was spot on

As I said in my last food post, (which was my first): 
If I can do it, you can do it!
xo Cristina


20 Apr

In our very first installment of Weekend Wars (a brand new series here on Fuji Files!), we’re packing for Coachella! Now packing is a pain no matter where you’re going, so just imagine packing for a fashion-forward festival where you’re sure to bump into the likes of street style photographers, models off duty, and industry insiders. Worst. Nightmare. The best packing advice I ever heard was to pack your suitcase in a unified color palette, so that  you can mix and match a multitude of different outfits.  Like with anything, it’s best to start with a neutral base and then layer your color on top of that. Resist the urge to pack colorful sundresses because you really only get one wear out of them, and separates are much more versatile. I layered a range of different pink tops with my black and white shorts, and though they are in the same color palette there is a lot of variety in the prints – dots, stripes, lips, faces… Unlike that yellow sundress, you can wear these in combination with black jean shorts and no one would ever notice you wore the same thing two days in a row!

With just one pair of shoes, two pairs of shorts and these four shirts (requisite crop top included), I counted up to TWELVE different outfits that you could rock! Not to mention mixing up the accessories. Can I please get some points for narrowing it down to one pair of shoes? Even if this is a hypothetical suitcase, it was hard.

And if you have any requests for the next Weekend Wars, (perhaps you have a date or an event planned) be sure to leave ’em in the comments below!
xo Cristina

I have taken the liberty of outlining twelve different outfits for you here:

1. polkadot shirt + jean shorts + collar necklace
2. lips sweater + polkadot shorts
3. swimsuit + jean shorts
4. striped sweater + polkadot shorts
5. face shirt + jean short
6.  striped sweater + jean shorts
7. swimsuit + croptop cover up + sandals
8. striped sweater + collar necklace + polkadot shorts
9. swimsuit + polkadot shorts + bowler hat
10. face shirt + polkadot shorts
11. lips sweater + jean shorts + scarf
12.  polkadot shirt + polkadot shorts




19 Apr

Every now and then you come across a diy that takes your breath away. Then your mind starts scrambling. Where? Where do I have room for an antler scarf rack? My entryway? No, too small. An antler jewelry rack for my bathroom? Yes. And what else can I hang from antlers…. how bout keys? And how many is too many? When does it cross from that’s a cute antler scarf rack to this girl has some sort of antler obsession….

But one thing’s for sure: I’m TOTALLY trying this diy!
Claire did a fantastic job over on Camille Styles today, click on over for the easy instructions.
xo Cristina
p.s. if you don’t feel like diy-ing it, you can buy yourself a pair on Etsy by Cassandra Smith, who inspired this diy!