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INTERIORS:: Erin Fetherston’s apartment

31 Jan
This photo of Erin Fetherston’s Paris apartment makes me want to try a column of uniform picture frames  in an un-loved corner of my apartment. Ideally these picture frames would cost $2 each and the whole project would take 1 hour – unlikely. Also in love with her chevron wood floors. Yum.
source unknown

AD CAMPAIGN:: Daria Werbowy + Skateboard

31 Jan

I’m really feeling the laid back luxe feeling of the Celine Spring 2011 ad campaign. Those pants are like a kimono.. in pants form.. from the 70’s. Basically the coolest thing I can think of.
And be straight with me, is 24 too old to want an orange skateboard? Let me rephrase – is 24 too old to learn how to skateboard??
images via fashiongonerogue


30 Jan
1. Still not sure what this was
2. Coolest teapot I’ve ever seen

It snowed on our last day!!
1. My new Shanghainese friend, Bob
2. Armani

One of my favorite shots of the trip

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine turned out to be rather drama-filled. Looking forward to returning to some normalcy and routine at work tomorrow!


26 Jan

I’m baaack!  Shanghai was a-mahhh-zzing.  I can’t get over what an awesome trip it was, and now that I’m back I’ve spent the last couple of days pouring over the 2000 photos I took to create a photo album while it’s still fresh in my mind. (Top travel tip: choose, cull & edit the best photos of a trip asap, you’ll never want to go through all 2000 and it’s all just too overwhelming later)
ALSO, turns out I’m blocked in China! Well, FujiFiles is, and all of your blogs too!
Blows my mind really the government censorship. They don’t have facebook either, can you imagine? I made good friends with a local Shanghainese who’s my age and I asked him how he felt about missing out on facebook and other parts of the internet, but he said he didn’t mind and that the government is slowly letting them have more. I guess they don’t know what they’re missing. I’m so grateful to live in a country that allows me to blog and say whatever I want and keep in contact with followers and friends from all over the world, so it’s good to be back!

Anyway, I’ve picked a few favs to show you guys for now, and I’ll be working on some more in depth posts of the more interesting things I did later this week.
p.s. it’s always a bit intimidating to post personal photos but you guys are all so supportive, I can’t help but to share these!

1. My favorite meal of the trip
2. Me amongst the red lanterns

1. The RIDICULOUSLY good view from my window
2. Shopping

1. Market finds
2. Me by the Yangtze River

1. Breakfast dumpling
2. Me & tea

1. Mao’s Little Red Books
2. Toy Shop

1. The Bund at night
2. Breakfast noodles

1. Chinese acrobats
2. Japanese photobooth

Like I said it’s good to be back, now I have a lot of catching up to do on all of your blogs! 
xoxo Cristina

New Year’s Eve

14 Jan
If you are reading this, then I successfully got an automated post together before I left! (Which means I’m currently in Shanghai). You can hardly call this an outfit post but I just thought I’d share a couple snaps from my New Year’s Eve. I spent the night at the Sydney Opera House and the setting truly can’t be beat! The fireworks were magical and I danced so much my feet hurt for days after. Such a fun night! My purple dress is by Stylestalker, and as I’ve said before they’re my go-to for all occasions, including NYE! 

RUNWAY:: No. 21 + Ciao!

10 Jan

Hi loves! I’m leaving for Shanghai this morning and in my total excitement I failed to prepare a week’s worth of automated posts for you.. blogging fail. I hope this collection will hold you over until I return refreshed and inspired! This post has a little bit of everything from leopard to pinks to killer shoes, the collection is No. 21 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua. I’ll try to get a few posts together before I leave (in a mad rush I’m sure) but ciao for now! 

INTERIORS:: Teal + Library

9 Jan

The blue teal walls of this room are divine. I find the color very moody but the touches of lime green cheer the rooms up, for example the faux bois carpet and the accent chairs. Also in love with the dual purpose library/dining room, everyone dreams of their very own library (Beauty & the Beast anyone?) but if you can’t spare a whole room just for books, then line the walls of another room with bookshelves to the same effect – like the family room, dining room, or guest room!
via thedecorista