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5 Sep

 Turns out Olympics hangovers are a very real thing. Following our gold, silver and bronze kitchens I’m on to heavy metals of another variety today. Most people might generally restrict gold and silver pants to New Year’s Eve attire (a natural reaction), but check out how casual these looks are! Just put on my gold pants to walk the dog – on a rope. No biggie. Erin Wasson and Elin Kling both wore their fancy pants with plain white tees. 

In fact Elin went so far as to wear her silver pants with a t-shirt and a HOODIE – that sloppy college staple that I sometimes pull out more than I’d like to admit. I’m seriously in awe of how cool she just made a zip up hoodie look. I wish I could do that. My personal style conquest has been in mastering the “I’m super cool and I’m not trying” look.. it can so easily translate into just “I’m not trying.” But more on that later.

If you prefer to dress things up and look like you are trying, wear a blazer or fur yeti coat. Like so…

All great looks, all paired with a t-shirt, all worn in broad daylight (rather than the din of a loud night club). 
xoxo Cristina




4 Jul

Happy 4th of July y’all! I am happy to say that I am home in America on the 4th for the first time in years. And I’m back in Texas to boot! It makes me warm inside. So today I’ll be celebrating in a park with music and fireworks and hopefully lots of yummy finger foods! I hope you’re enjoying the day off wherever you are. And if you’re looking for a soundtrack to the day, try this awesome playlist by Jenn. It’s a rootsy earthy mix of our favorite songs that make us feel patriotic, nostalgic, and glad it’s summertime.

xoxoxo Cristina




5 Oct

givenchy fashion week spring summer 2012
givenchy fashion week spring summer 2012 ERIN WASSON

The word “wearable” doesn’t immediately spring to mind. 
Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by this season’s collection of wearable, sports-minded looks. I’d almost go so far as to say this is the most wearable collection of the season, for my collared shirt and blazer mood of late. The shades of blush and nude are feminine but not too sweet. The shoes sleek, and minimalist, though I still feel Alexander Wang’s would have gone better. The styling of the metal chokers under the buttoned up collars were so on-trend.
And the giant shark teeth!? Brilliant. They add an edge (heh. heh.) while remaining perfectly polished. Something to look out for while thrifting.

xo C

source: vogue


4 Jul

Perfect fishtail braid? Perhaps. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful 4th of July! I also hope that I can look like this this summer – sequined shorts with a light knit sweater, summer dress with cons, leather shorts with a baseball T. Kind of perfect.
Does anyone else feel like they’ve seen this Wasson editorial before? I do. There are multiple eds that come to mind of Erin Wasson kicking around in boots in an old house and styled with the same feel (exhibits A, B, C). Don’t get me wrong I think she plays the part perfectly and I can’t get enough but, it’d be nice to see her glammed up in some couture for a change. Just sayin.

source: fashionspreads


28 Mar
Erin Wasson in her killer Phi booties. Why oh why did Phi have to close? Their creations were some of my favorites, yet they were one of the many businesses that didn’t survive 2009. One can only hope for a timely resurrection, and with fans like Erin Wasson and Carine Roitfeld, I like to think there’s still a chance.
source: unknown

STREET STYLE:: Erin + Economist

23 Feb
I think I’ll wear a side part today, courtesy of Erin Wasson. Though I’m not quite sure I could look as chic as she does wearing chunky brown sweaters. 
p.s. models read The Economist?!
source: easyfashion


14 Oct
 Crazy about Erin’s totem pole dress, it’s kind of magical, no? I assumed this would be one of those impossible to find don’t even get your hopes up kind of pieces, but with some snooping I found it’s actually available at bonadrag in both a mini and maxi version! For $400 and $450 respectively. I don’t know what’s worse, having this dress live unattainably in my imagination, or knowing exactly where to find it at a prohibitively high price, hmmm..
**Edit: As I was publishing this post the maxi sold out. Solves that problem!
Totem Mini and Maxi, designed by Lindsey Thornburg