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INTERIORS:: Christmas Dining + Ikea

30 Nov
Tis’ the season.. for a Christmas blog! Ikea has started a Christmas blog called Gilla Julen, or ‘Like Christmas.’ This beautiful living room has that chaotic feel of seating the whole family with mis-matched chairs from around the house and even a stack of books! Cute.. but I wouldn’t want to get stuck with the books!
source: gillajulen

STREET STYLE:: Leopard + Yellow

29 Nov
Lately I’m drawn to the unexpected combination of leopard and yellow – they work surprisingly well together! The key is obviously the denim shirt which, much to my dismay, is still on my list of things to get!
Leopard and yellow, like peanut butter and bananas. Delicious!


28 Nov
Feeling inspired by boys. Girls dressed like boys to be exact. Take for example Dsquared Spring 2011, those cute twinsy brothers know what I mean!


25 Nov
Loose fitting. Waist band that sits well above the waist. Pilgrim-ish collar. Dark colors to camouflage food baby bump. This is my dream Thanksgiving dress.
source: style, jakandjil


25 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving!
This was my third Thanksgiving in Australia, and as an American abroad it is a little challenging (read: searching so many American candy stores for canned pumpkin only to find that there was a pumpkin shortage this year! and then mashing squash myself to try and make some semblance of a pumpkin pie!)
BUT, it was also incredibly exciting to share it with my friends who were all experiencing their FIRST Thanksgiving. 
Also. Cooking is exhausting. I wish I had this Friday off to recover but unfortunately me and my food baby are off to work now! 

The fall colors and antlers really have no relevance here in Australia where we’re just at the beginning of summer. So I’m dreaming of this set up below.

And I’d paint some tiny pumpkins silver for a cute accent!


23 Nov
Another item for the Christmas wishlist… THIS Zara jacket. It has the perfect slouch, the perfect collar (moto but not too biker chick) and some great detailing on the shoulders and pockets. And just in case you’re wondering how I’d wear it?? Here are 3 different ways.
p.s. brown please!


23 Nov

Ok, my boyfriend’s thesis was due today and after days and days of proofreading I can now focus on the things I really enjoy looking at. Like these pretty underthings!!

source: jakandjil