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DIY FILES:: How to Organize Your Clutch Purses

25 Jul

Clutches: American ApparelClare VivierPersifor, and K. Slademade

I often find that the best ideas are the simplest, most why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moments of brilliance. Those but of course lightning bolts that happen when you least expect it – like in the shower, or just as you’re falling asleep. My most compelling thesis arguments always happened mid-shower (quite inconvenient really, when you need to write them down on a piece of paper before you forget). But anyhoo, this is one of those ideas.
This idea comes courtesy of the oh so talented Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, who decided to start filing her clutches the way she sorts her mail: in an acrylic letter sorter. If you’re thinking “but my clutches don’t stand up by themselves” then Mackenzie’s got you covered, just slip a piece of cardboard into each clutch so that they hold their shape. (This is probably better for them anyway). I actually use this same method to make my tall boots stand up when I display them. 
She found the letter sorter at The Container Store. I think I could actually use one on my desk at work. The best part about this DIY, is that I’m now feeling super inspired to find simple, pretty ways to organize the rest of my home and workspace. What else could you display in a letter sorter? Pretty file folders? Wallets? Lipsticks? I hope this DIY has inspired you to organize one spot in your home or workspace too.
And if y’all haven’t visited Mackenzie’s boutique yet, go now! It’s just darling. 
xo Cristina


Glittery Bags are NOT just for Christmas

22 Dec
Lancaster Purse Disco handbag GREEN Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.12.58 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.17.08 PMScreen shot 2011-12-21 at 7.10.42 PMLancaster Purse Disco handbag

You guessed it. I want this for Christmas. But can I wear a glittery green bag year round? Can I wear a glittery green bag to the grocery store? Undecided. As I’ve said before, when making purchase decisions I do my research. How do other girls wear it? How does it look in real life (as opposed to the product photographs on the web shop). Below you’ll find Betty, of the impossibly cool blog leblogdebetty. You’ll see that the bag is actually a lot smaller than you (well I) expected. I think that makes the quantity of bling palatable for day. Don’t you? It’s settled then. Green glittery bag functions night and day Christmas and non-Christmas. Now onto price, and can us non-Parisians even acquire the Lancaster Paris bag??? YES! Thanks to Nasty Gal, who I’m pretty sure read my mind because they now have the “disco” bag in both blue and green in their New Arrivals. They’re $178 with free shipping… I’ll have to mull over that number a bit. And ponder possible outfit combinations. But consider this a Christmas wish.

Leblogdebetty Lancaster Disco Purse Street Style6326102220_f71cbb4139_o

What do you think? Is it too much glitter for a daily purse?
(Is there even such thing as too much glitter?)
xoxo Cristina



27 Sep


I’m absolutely loving all the COLOR this fashion week season. Both on and off the catwalk. Colorful and feminine is the name of the game, have you seen Dolce & Gabbana yet?? Genius. If not, I’ll probably have to do a post on it tomorrow. Along with the announcement of my giveaway winners!

xo C
source: elle, style, vogue


14 Sep

street style fashion week new york arm parties street style fashion week new york arm parties iphone case
Crystals, studs, embroidery, sequins, snakeskin – there are just so many brilliant colors and textures to admire on the arms of NYFW-goers! I’ve just noticed that not one of these photos contains a black leather bag. My personal favorite is that iphone case, encrusted in crystals of all sizes from huge down to tiny. Time for another DIY? Actually, first it is high time I get an iphone!! C’mon iphone 5, I’m growing impatient with all of these cute cases all up in my face.

Oh yea, and
THANK YOUTo everyone who has joined my Bloggers’ Wardrobe giveaway! I’m very flattered to have received so many of your votes and sweet comments.
If you haven’t joined, my giveaway of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and an iPod is open for another week!

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xoxo Cristina
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18 Oct

Two things:

          a) If I were to sketch my ideal handbag, this would be it, in its entirety

          b) My birthday is coming up


22 Aug

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! I actually played laser tag at a birthday party yesterday and MAN I’m sore. Running in a squat position for 30 minutes really worked a number on my thighs. Youch. Now getting ready for the week to start.

Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival week to be exact. Super excited to go to my first shows!
What to wear??? I don’t know yet. But judging by these photos, I need an animal print clutch, stat.


22 Jul
This girl has such sweet accessories. First of all, that huge colorful bag, I want one just like it. And is that little one a sunglasses case? Whatever it is, it’s adorbs.