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Arm Candy

30 Apr

I recently spent a longer-than-is-healthy amount of time oogling Kate Lanphear’s wrists, consequently  I’m in the mood for some arm candy. Sure La Lanphear’s got the studs and body armour look going for her, but my taste is a bit more organic. Take these bracelets by Scosha NYC for example. I’ll have the whole set please. All on the one wrist. And I’ll layer on a few of those necklaces as well.

I’m also a fan of Maria Rudman’s handcrafted bracelets, which look to me like the Guatemalan bands tourists love so dearly. In fact, they are Swedish! They never cease to amaze me the similarities of cultures so far removed from one another. Rudman collaborated with craftsmen who have lived among reindeer herds and perfected their techniques for hundreds of years, which may explain the steep price tag – $520!
I simply can’t afford you Maria Rudman, but I managed to find these bracelets in shoe form at a fraction of the price, by Jeffrey Campbell no less! Do you see now how the progression of my online shopping addiction works?? 

Postal Service

30 Apr

Two of my recent online purchases finally arrived today! (If somehow you haven’t started online shopping yet… DON’T START. It’s deadly). I was particularly excited to receive that perfect blue blazer I was raving about.

The second parcel contained my Staple sweat shorts which… Let me preface this by saying I had scoffed at the thought of paying anything more than, well paying anything for sweats! But I’ve been seeing them styled stunningly everywhere and I finally folded. Not long now until I look like this blue-blazer-sweat-shorted beauty:

Coco+Kelley Contributor Hopeful

29 Apr

Hey readers I’ve made a submission to become a contributing blogger for the beautiful blog coco+kelley! There are so many wonderful submissions about food, fashion, and events, and I’m just so thrilled to be included!

                                                                  xoxo Cristina

Styling 1 2 3

29 Apr
A fascinating look at the progression of styling a shot for Elle Interior magazine (hello? dream job!) I personally would have stopped at the 3rd image, but they’re all beautiful. If you’re anything like me, and you’ve spent a little too much time adding and subtracting that extra picture frame from the mantel, then this may fascinate you as well!

Freja Beha Erichsen in ‘Tough Ballerina’

29 Apr
I’ve been dancing ballet for most of my life, so this editorial struck a particular chord for me. It’s at once soft and strong, and well isn’t that the whole point about ballet? The styling is brilliant, from the exaggerated proportions to the rosin (powder) on her feet. Not to mention I’m dying for some leather shorts!

Dreamy Bedroom

28 Apr
Remember the lamp post? I bet your dreams would be so much more imaginative if you went to bed in this setting each night. Although horror movie night would be a bit creepier. 

La Lanphear

28 Apr