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24 Apr

My friend M is chopping all her hair off for Locks of Love (Saint M), so we’re brainstorming possible short hair cuts! I had so much fun putting this post together it has me considering a chop myself. But then I wouldn’t be able to do my beloved beach waves. Have you ever done a short ‘do? If so, I salute you! It takes a lotta courage to be totally independent of our long-haired safety blanket. I feel the short-hair urge about once a week, but in my experience the shorter my hair the more I look like a 5-year old boy. My mom’s words not mine. If I were to cut my hair today,  I’d take the Karla Deras route, who initially cut her hair into a short bob, then as she grew more comfortable with the new length took it a little shorter, and a little shorter, right up to the boy-length ‘do she’s sporting today. I like the idea of easing into it, because let’s face it, hair this short is a statement. If your hair is this short, the rest of you better look sharp too….. I just zoned out for 2 minutes imagining what my life might be like with Dianna Lunt’s hair, it was full of bold lipsticks, large accessories, and a boatload of confidence. Evidently life with short hair also consists of plenty of over the shoulder glances (as in most of these photos!). As Joan Juliet Buck once said for American Vogue:

“with short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. and you brush your teeth more often. short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. when it starts growing out a little and losing its style, you have to wear sunglasses until you can get it to the hairdresser. that’s why you need a variety. short hair makes you aware of subtraction as style. you can no longer wear puffed sleeves or ruffles; the neat is suddenly preferable to the fussy. you eye the tweezers instead of the blusher. what else can you take away? you can’t hide behind short hair… you may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare… but your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.” c.1988 (via the political quotidian) via the glamourai 

So would you ever go this short? If so, which of these cuts could you commit to?

xo Cristina




21 Mar

catherine_mcneil Vogue Australia April 2012 4

I’m that girl who plagues her friends and boyfriend for weeks months before taking a hair risk. Sorry, but I am. I’ve had far too many hairdressers go rogue on my hair to feel at ease (that moment when a trim turns into 10 inches. gone). I’ve gone through my stages but ultimately I feel that I am a long hair girl at heart. You better believe it would take me a good year of pulling my hair back in a fake bob to work up the courage to this edgy chop, but I’m certainly picturing it now! I fear I don’t have the sharp features and killer jawline to carry this cut, I might end up resembling a 5 year old boy.. but a girl can dream! These hair cravings have turned into a bit of a regular Hair Envy series here on FF.

Maybe this is a healthy way to express my haircut urges that won’t drive my friends and family crazy!
You guys don’t mind, do you?
xo C
p.s. this editorial is crazy awesome right? Sydney’s Bondi beach looks stunning and I miss it like no other



16 Mar

We all have our girlhood idols, for some it’s Belle, others it’s Barbie. For me? Ariel, 4 times a day circa 1990-1994. Combine that with my current Taylor Tomasi obsession (see below) and you’ve got full-fledged hair envy for this new Little Mermaid hair color. Just imagine sitting in the salon chair having this done to you. The nerves!!! My worry would be in maintaining the vibrance once it was done, oh and roots growing in.

What do you think, would you? Could you?
xo Cristina


2 Mar

If this doesn’t make you wanna dye your hair pink I don’t know what will! It also makes me miss Aussie beaches. And reminds me that I’m still on the search for the perfect leather shorts! I tried on a pair at H&M that I’ve seen on lots of bloggers, but they didn’t fit quite right. Any suggestions?

xo Cristina