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Whoa whoa whoa… I want these shoes

6 Sep
I’ve managed to withhold from the smoking loafers trend for this long. I figure, I’ve made it this far, surely they’re on their way out, I’ma go ahead and let this trend pass me by. It’s cool. I don’t need to be a part of every shoe trend that catches my fancy for 5 minutes. My wallet will thank me later. And I can handle seeing all of the other cute bloggers in smoking loafers of every color and appreciate them through my computer screen. I don’t need to be a part of every shoe trend!
I saw these.
Blue suede shoes that appeal to my penchant for evil eyes. Imagine the joy I would feel every time I looked down at my feet! These shoes have a GREAT aerial view, a value I feel is so under-rated. Looking down at these would make me SO happy. No, material things do not bring me happiness. But these shoes have eyes, which makes them feel more like people not things… see what my shoe-addicted brain did there?
 They’re by Barbara Briones, and you can find them here
They also come with lips 😉
xoxo Cristina




6 Jul


I don’t know about you but that mid-week holiday got me all disoriented, but here we are at Friday! Yay! I’m heading home to spend the weekend with my family, and of course I’m looking forward to my mom’s home cooking. This post is actually relevant because I rarely find a reason to wear heels while I’m home, so these pumped up kicks are perfect!

This collection of street style looks is from my latest post for coco+kelley, hop on over if you’d like to see the outfit I put together! The pink sneakers are to die for….

xoxo Cristina
p.s. I have a fun summer series coming up next week, stay tuned!




27 Apr

My great fear when it comes to wearing open-toed shoes with tights is seeing that seam across my toes, old lady styles. Abstract artist Tauba Auerbach (pictured above) pulls it off with aplomb. I have a similar pair of shoes in pink… do I dare wear them with tights?

Do you wear tights & open-toed shoes?
xo Cristina




27 Mar

1 / 2

With the $440 that you’ll save on this find, you can purchase the rest of your summer wardrobe.
Or a return flight somewhere warm and sandy.
Or this T-shirt.

xoxo Cristina



SHOES! Gold capped YSL ones…

29 Dec

YSL Shoes
I wish I could find a more eloquent way to put this but… I died. I’m so looking forward to seeing these on everyone’s feet in the near future. And for the high street outlets to produce gold capped shoes! Speaking of sparkle, I removed my ombre manicure last night and it was. so. hard. Do any of you ladies have tips for removing glitter nail polish? I had to soak my nails in nail polish remover (like you do with acrylic nails) and it was still impossible! No matter. I’m already planning my next glitter mani, sans ombre effect this time!

xo C



8 Dec
shoemint edith steve madden viktoree
Shoemint’s Edith & Steve Madden’s Viktoree
Ok, what’s going on here?

Following my post on the Shoemint Edith pump I found them to be, sadly, sold out! I’ve added myself to the waitlist but in my state of shopper’s regret came across these “Viktoree” pumps by Steve Madden! From my understanding Shoemint shoes are designed by Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez and manufactured by Steve Madden, the Shoemint website even says these shoes are named after Rachel’s grandma?… so I’m not quite sure why the same exact Shoemint shoes are for sale on for $50 extra? On the one hand I’m thrilled that I’m still able to get the sold out Edith (albeit they’re much more expensive) but on the other hand I’m confused as to who is designing what, and is there a difference in quality between the two? But mostly I’m just happy that the Edith is still available for $50 more dollars, in case you’re feeling really desperate.

For now I’m going to hold out on the waitlist because in my experience Jewelmint has shown that old favorites come back in stock (and on sale!) quite often. Also the 20% off of my first Shoemint purchase will make the Edith $64, making it a $66 difference between the two brands. Definitely worth the wait I think!

xo Cristina



30 Nov

Rachel Bilson Shoemint Edith street style  


Take THAT and put it on a t-shirt Mary-Kate.

I dabbled with my first pair of earrings, (they were Kate Bosworth’s ‘favorite’ after all!) and then I was hooked. $29.99 streaming directly out of my bank account every month and before you know it I’m spending ‘credits’ willy nilly. Is anyone else with me? Enter Stylemint. Endorsed by only my two all-time fashion icons MK&A. With their quirky Halloween costumes and their ‘plowling,’ there goes another monthly $29.99 slipping right out of my bank account unnoticed (that’s $59.98/month but who’s counting?). And now. Who else to tug at a fashionista’s heart strings but street style’s sweetheart herself, Rachel Bilson! Peddling her fashionable wares in the form my number one addiction in life: SHOES. But how did she know??
And just when I thought I could ween myself off the Jewelmint and the Stylemint, the price point jumps up to $79.99 (with 20% off the first pair, naturally). Mint Corp: you will be the end of me.
Now that I’ve accepted my fate, let’s move on to other important matters. Can I wear Shoemint’s Edith pumps for both day and night? I’m a smart shopper, I don’t jump into purchases without completing my homework.

See my research below.

Now my only problem is that I do not in fact own any of these clothes. I do have in my possession the American Apparel nail polish and that iphone case. And that’s it. But on a slightly less sarcastic note, I do believe in purchasing a beautiful piece even if only to display it in my house and to wear on special occasions. Think of these shoes as two small statues to adorn a bookshelf, Coveteur-style.
So, have I justified this purchase yet? Did I mention it’s 20% off the first pair?
Did I Actually just convince myself that I’m gonna wear 6-inch pumps in my day-to-day life?
Help. I think I have an addiction.