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INTERIORS:: Kelly green + Black + White

6 Apr

Currently obsessed with two things:
1. The above color combination
2. Honey almond yogurt
And while I can’t share this delicious tub of yogurt with you (it’s halfway gone anyway) I can share these beautiful rooms. (And the yogurt can be found at Harris Farms!)
You can’t go wrong with the color combination of kelly green, black, and white. Every room looks modern, classic, and fresh when dressed up in these hues. And the colors seem to accentuate everything in the room, for example the silhouette of the headboard, the lines of the chair backs, and the graphic look of the tiles. Perfection!
source: southofmarket


18 Oct
Is Monday too early to want to take a nap in this beautiful bed complete with rich yellow headboard and funky bedside lamp?

source: weheartit

Small Space Solutions: Headboard

24 Apr